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Posted on January 12, 2018

Five-minute drugstore makeup routine


I tend to change my beauty or rather makeup taste with the seasons. Simple and minimal in the spring/summer and a heavier and more everyday glam in the fall/Winter. This year though I have been keeping my look more basic in the winter too. I ended the last year doing a major purge of my stash. Not only did I clean up and get rid of all products, but I also got rid of things I just wasn’t reaching for often. As I decided to get rid of things, I realized I hadn’t been wearing much makeup lately anyway.

I’m focused more on skincare than makeup these days, so that’s a factor, and so is enjoying the extra 20 minutes or so I can sleep in during the week.

I have managed to cut my everyday makeup look down to a 5-minute routine, and I only use four products. 

natural 5 minute makeup look

Posted on January 13, 2015


Beauty/ Skin Care
Press Sample

Living in the south the winter season starts a little later for us. In fact, up until about a week ago mother nature was taking it easy, then BAM she came in with full force and blistering (for the south anyway) temperatures. 
When winter rolls in and the temperatures drop I like to wrap up in warm sweaters, cozy scarfs and socks.  This time of year my skin takes a beating. I am known to break the beauty rule of not using hot, hot water. As you can imagine my skin which is already dry is not happy about this. 
Finding a lotion to combat my dry skin has always been a struggle. Neutrogena challenged me to trade my regular body lotion for the NEUTROGENA BODY OIL for one week and share my thoughts. 


The thing that has made me avoid using oils in the past is the greasiness. Although I would love nothing more than to moisturize with a nice oil and then wrap up in a comfy robe and read and relax after every shower, my list just doesn’t allow that. I need to hop out of the shower, moisturize and be ready to put my clothes on without worrying about staining them with oil.  I’m happy to report you will not have that problem with this oil, my skin drinks it up with no residue left behind. 
This oil has a few other great uses, try adding it to your bath water or even use in place of shaving cream. The only thing that could make this oil any more perfect is if it came with a pump top. 
More than a winter staple, this is now a year round must have for me, I LOVE IT
Do yourself a favor and pick this up during your next shopping trip, you won’t be disappointed. 
Wave #BYEBYEWINTERSKIN and welcome soft, supple, smooth skin. 

Availability: & various retailers that carry Neutrogena products.
Price: 8.5 oz. $9.99 / 16 oz. $15.99 
Would you say goodbye to winter skin and take the challenge? 
*I was provided with a sample of the product featured for editorial consideration, all opinions are my own. 
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