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Posted on July 1, 2018

Time for a Closet Clean Out

I have been putting off cleaning out my closet for months now. Earlier this year I decided to move to more of a minimalist lifestyle. I was supposed to kick off that change with a massive purge, but I’ve been lazy and hadn’t quite gotten around to it yet. I very rarely go in my closet anymore.
I started the minimalist shift this Spring with a change to working with a capsule wardrobe. Btw this capsule wardrobe thing is really working out well for me. My daytime look is comprised mainly of blouses and pencil skirts, and my weekend wear is mostly jeans, white Tshirts, and colorful scarves.
For the past few months, I’ve been working with the same 10 or so pieces that I keep on a rolling garment rack in my spare room.
A few nights ago I went to move the rack, and it broke, as I stood there watching it go down and all the clothes spilling to the floor I thought it’s time to move the clothes to the closet. Most of the clothes in this closest haven’t been out in a year, and many of them will not fit into my capsule wardrobe plans.
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