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Murad Acne and Anti-Aging Skin Care
Posted on September 23, 2015

Murad Skin Saviors: Battling Adult Acne & Anti-Aging

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I have those moments where I wish I could turn back the hands of time, back to when I was a teenager. I suppose I can consider myself lucky that my teenage years were pretty good. Of course we all have those moments of being a young woman where it seems like the world is coming to an end, cue the drama. For the most part aside from the normal teenage girl woes, I had few issues back then. For one I was very active and in shape and two I had no skin issues. I managed to get through those years with only the occasional pimple and no skin issues. Unfortunately that all changed when I hit my mid twenties, like who starts getting acne as an adult?  My skin started getting bad around the time I left New York and moved to the South, maybe the stress of this life change played a part, who knows. Ever since then I have fought an ongoing battle with my skin. Once I turned 30 wrinkles and aging signs started slowly trying to creep in and I’m fighting that tooth and nail.

Murad Advanced Acne & Wrinkle

Finding the right mix of products is often challenging. I’m always experimenting with products because ehhhh that’s what skin care junkies and beauty bloggers do.  Murad is one of the product lines I have come to discovery and love, to date I’m pleased with most of what I have tried from them and this summer to get a handle on breakouts I stuck to a routine incorporating a few items from their acne and anti-aging lines.  My skin has responded very well to this routine and whooo for the entire time I used it I had no major breakouts. 

During this routine I used the Murad Time Release Acne Cleanser. This anti-aging and acne fighting cleanser features time-release salicylic  acid, amino acids and of hyaluronic acid. The effects of this cleanser continues after you rinse it off.   It took me some time to love this cleanser and let me break down why. First off I’ll say that the pairing of the acne fighting salicylic acid with the hyaluronic acid. Some acne cleansers are a bit harsh for my skin and the salicylic acid although effective is at times drying which can sometimes cause my skin to over produce oil and thus breakout.  With this cleanser however the hyaluronic acid provides balance that kept dryness from being an issue.

Murad Time Release Acne Cleanser

This cleanser is not harsh or stripping.  The formula did take some getting used to, is on the thick side and didn’t spread or rinse easily for me. I found using this cleanser with a facial cleansing tool the best  pairing for me. In the morning I used the Murad  time release acne cleanser with my konjac sponge and in the evenings I used it with my clarisonic mia 2.  Using more than my hands allowed the product to distribute more even and thin and rinse off easier. I had no breakouts the entire time using this cleanser, even during that time of the month when I usually have a hormonal outbreak and using theclarisonic daily. This is for sure a winner for me. Price $32.00

The next product from Murad in my anti-aging, acne fighting lineup is the Advanced Acne & Wrinkle Reducer. From the first use I fell in love with this lightweight but effective serum. Choke full of anti-aging and acne fighting ingredients such as glycolic acid collagen and retinol. If fine lines, wrinkles and texture are a concern and you haven’t added a retinol product to your skin care lineup you NEED to.

Murad Advanced Acne & Wrinkle Reducer Serum

I loved the way this serum glided on my skin and absorbed, but after a few weeks use the proof was in the pudding. The texture of my skin has drastically improved, thanks to the Retinol and GlycolicAcid which help speed up cell turnover. I will definitely repurchase this, LOVE.                 Price $44.00

The last piece of the acne, anti-aging battle lineup is the Murad Anti-Aging Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF30|PA+++. One of the features I love about a few of the Murad moisturizers I’ve used is that they contain spf, so I don’t need to use a separate product.

Murad Anti-Aging Moisturizer

The SPF in this moisturizer did not have that heavy sunscreen feel or scent and no white cast.  This moisturizer applied nicely and absorbed completely.  I have previously used the Murad Vitamin C Moisturizer with sunscreen but with the vitamin c that one has a more noticeable scent. After trying both, I prefer this one.  Price $48.00

Overall this lineup is a winner for me. I can’t tell if it was one product in particular or the system together, but I want to add that my combination oily skin was much more regulated during the time I followed this routine. On days I didn’t wear makeup, oil and shine were not an issue. After a few weeks on the routine I cut back to using the Time Release cleanser with the clarisonic to 3x a week. I am happy to report that I am still breakout free, so I plan to keep this cleanser in my treatment rotation.  For adults battling acne but also concerned with anti-aging skincare this lineup is the best of both worlds. 

The more Murad products I try, the more I find ones I love. Have you used any Murad products? 

Availability:, Murad Inclusive Health Spa®, Murad Flagship Store, Sephora, Ulta, Massage Envy Spas and various leading salons and spas.

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Posted on July 9, 2015

5 Must Have Items that Can Fit In Your Pocket!

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5 Pocket Size Must Haves
1. Mints/Gum: I always have some sort of breath mint or chewing gum on hand.  Altoids have always been a go to because they pack a powerful punch and will quickly freshen up the mouth after the most garlic laden meal. 
2. Lip Balm: My lips are notoriously dry and I must have some form of lip balm or chapstick with me at all times. This Weleda Everon Lip Balm is a recent discovery and new favorite of mine. It keeps my lips soft and hydrated.  In a pinch this stick type lip balm can double as an eyebrow tamer or even a cuticle stick. 
3. Hand Cream: Dry hands is one of my pet peeves, I need my hands to feel soft and moisturized at all times.  At work and on the go a lot of restroom soaps can be harsh and drying on the hands so I keep a healing hand cream on hand. The indigo hand cream from Tatcha is one of my favorites, you can read more about it here
Tatcha Indigo Hand Cream4. Feminine Products: Let’s face it when it comes to that time of the month we need to be prepared.  I need to have my supplies with me. The new Tampax pocket pearls are available at Target, and make taking care of that business easy and discreet with their portability. The Built in backup braid channels leaks back into the core, so I can feel confident that I am protected. 
Tampax Pocket Pearl 5. Lip Gloss: I’m not a big lipstick girl especially in the summer, but I can’t be without my gloss. Even on no makeup days adding some gloss can perk up my look. My current summer go to is Be Legendary by Smashbox, the formula is moisturizing and not sticky so I don’t worry about it in the heat. 
Smashbox Lip Gloss
At the park, out shopping or even at work I can carry these items in my pocket or in a clutch/wristlet and discreetly have access to my essentials. 
What are some of your favorite pocket sized must haves? 
Posted on July 5, 2015

The Week In Review: Beauty Blog Coalition


For my U.S. friends who celebrate I hope you all enjoyed this 4th of July weekend. It’s Sunday night here and I just returned from visiting with family.  I’m about to pour a glass of wine and catch up on all the happenings in the Beauty world from the past week. From skincare, to makeup here is a look at what some of the ladies of the Beauty Blog Coalition talked about this week. 

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