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Posted on February 7, 2014

♥ Sweet Treat for Valentine’s Day Berry Crescent Rolls ♥

Foodie Friday/ recipes
Morning beauties! I have a little something different for today’s post. We already know playing around with makeup and nail polish is a hobby of mine but one of the others things I really enjoying is cooking. So periodically between my nutrisystem updates I may put up a Foodie Friday post and share some recipes. Valentine’s Day is next week so I thought we could kick things off with a really simple treat to satisfy that sweet tooth. Below is my version of a fruit and cream cheese crescent roll. This recipe is super simple under 30 minutes to make and can be a sweet breakfast treat or a light dessert. 
This recipe can be altered based on your preference. To make it a very easy and simple recipe I use Pillsbury crescent rolls for the pastry. You can make the crescent rolls from scratch if you like but since I am not big on baking I don’t bother.
I am a big fan of berries so I opted for strawberries and raspberries for the filling. You can use whatever fruit you like or even try chocolate chips perhaps. Whenever possible I like to use fresh fruit but you can try this with a pie filling or even experiment with marmalade’s and other flavoring additions like orange or almond. 
  • Chop fruit into small pieces;
  • Combine fruit Greek yogurt, regular sugar, and vanilla;
  • Spray baking sheet and lay out the crescent rolls;
  • Apply approx. 1 tsp of fruit mixture to top of the crescent and roll up;
  • Continue until all are filled. Bake for  at 350º for 10-12 min.;
  • Remove from oven, plate and sift a bit of powdered sugar on top.


Will you be indulging in any sweets this coming Valentine’s Day? I would love to hear what’s on your menu. 

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Posted on February 26, 2013

Copy Cat Starbucks Passion Tea Lemonade

drinks/ recipes

Today’s post is not beauty related but I had posted this picture on Instagram and a lot of you asked for the recipe so I figured I would post it here. It’s no secret I am addicted to a few drinks at Starbucks and the Sweetened Passion Tea Lemonade is one of  them.  Sometimes I like to have it by the pitcher to serve to guests so I headed to my kitchen to figure out a copy cat recipe for those times or when I just don’t feel like driving over to Starbucks for one. So here is my version. Enjoy.

copy cat starbucks passion tea lemonade

 Recipe for one glass:

1 cup water 
1 cup granulated sugar (I use sugar in the raw, but any sugar is fine) 
1 tsp pure vanilla extract 

8 oz brewed Tazo (or other brand) passion tea, chilled 
2 oz lemonade (homemade or store-bought) 

In a small saucepan, bring the water and the sugar to a low boil over medium-high, stirring until the sugar dissolves. Once the sugar dissolves, reduce the heat to low and simmer for 10-15 minutes. Remove the pan from the heat, stir in the vanilla, and let the simple syrup cool. Transfer to a mason jar or other airtight container and store in the refrigerator. 
To make the tea lemonade, combine tea, lemonade, and 1 1/2 tbsp simple syrup in a mason jar with a lid or another sealable container. Shake the mixture to combine (or stir vigorously in a glass) and pour over ice. Serve cold.

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