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Posted on April 6, 2014

Enhance your home decor with Kleenex

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Today’s post is sponsored by Kleenex #KleenexStyle

Spring Break is in full swing in most areas of the United States. Since I have no kiddos at the moment Spring Break for me usually means house cleaning, and a bit of redecorating. I usually get pretty excited for Spring and the onset of warmer weather but with that usually means pollen, and for this allergy sufferer that’s bad. I have to have tissues on hand at all times. I keep several boxes of Kleenex stashes around my home. To celebrate Kleenex’s 90th Anniversary (I totes didn’t realize they have been around that long) they have launched the innovative Kleenex style studio. Long gone are the days of boring generic tissue boxes, now Kleenex helps you pick from a wide variety of stylish boxes that easily fit into any home decor. 
I’m pretty lucky that the Mr. and I have similar taste when is comes to home decor, classic and simple. He leaves most of the decisions up to me. I keep it simple with furniture and accent with accessories to bring in character and color. I had so much fun picking out new Kleenex tissue boxes to match our style.  Here is a look at some of the areas I keep a box of Kleenex tissue boxes, they blend in seamlessly. 
This is a table in my living room, the colors in the room are pretty neutral, mostly browns and beige with accents of baby blue and cranberry.


I loved the pattern on this box and the cranberry and dark beige color fit right in with this rooms theme. 

Kleenex Blooms Hosta 
 I always keep tissues on my bedside table. I really liked the flower pattern on this box, actually thinking of getting this pattern in another color for our guest bathroom.


The green blended perfect with the green and white marble on the furniture. 

This little area is near my dressing station, an arms reach from the vanity. I loved the color and pattern on this box. 

There are a wide variety of designs for you to play around with in the Kleenex Style Studio. Head on over and check out the designs, including a new collection by designer Isaac Mizrahi and download your Kleenex coupon

Will you be doing any Spring cleaning or redecorating this year? I would love to hear about your plans. 
* This post was sponsored by Kleenex. 
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