Posted on January 28, 2018

Resolutions Made Easy: 3 changes I’m making in the New Year

Sure, the start of the New Year is a great time to re-start and make changes, but I dislike feeling like a failure if I didn’t entirely accomplish everything on my resolution list.  In years past when I did make resolutions, they were always too broad and vague, more like a crazy goal without a clear roadmap or plan on how to go about achieving it. Instead of making basic resolutions like lose weight and become a millionaire….lol, this year I’m focusing more on small changes I can make that lead me to achieve more significant goals over time.

I’m taking some time to think about what I want to be different in my life for 2018 and what small changes I can make without becoming overwhelmed and giving up in a few months.  Committing to making changes is one thing but having a plan of action identifying the steps needed to accomplish those changes helps.

Write It Out: Most of the time my brain is on overload. During the day I’m jugging a bunch of work tasks, thinking about my to-do list and just trying to keep it all together.  Things can get overwhelming at times and venting can give me a second to release.  This year in addition to my regular planner I also picked up a daily journal and a book of notes.  It’s been a huge help having a place to digest all of my thoughts, ideas, and tasks.  My daily journal has a place to list both the highs, lows, feelings, etc. of the day. I try to be careful to not only vent frustrations and note negatives but also note positive things that happened and things that brought smiles and joy. Having this daily activity of decompressing is great, it’s helped with anxiety and throwing all my thoughts out at the end of the day has me sleeping better.

Physical Fitness/Eating Balance: I eat pretty well as it is now and I work out four days a week. The underlying bones of this resolution are there, but this year I want to kick it up a notch. In the Fall I was going to an outdoor boot camp class. This class was perfect for getting a head start on my weight and fitness goals. Working with a trainer assisted in keeping intention and balance in my workouts. Each day was a mix of cardio and weight training. Since boot camp has been on hiatus for the winter break, I’ve fallen off a little. I still workout, but I need to be more structured going forward. I started making small changes to my eating habits a few years ago. Processed food, soda, and meat took some time to cut out of my diet, but now that they are almost gone I hardly miss them.

The one bad habit I haven’t been able to kick completely is an addiction to sweets.  Pastries for breakfast, the afternoon vending machine run when I’m low on energy and the little bite of something sweet after dinner. These events that have me craving sugar won’t completely go away, it’s necessary to find a better way to get through them. I’m starting by merely replacing the refined sugary snacks with better options.



MaraNatha Raw Maple Almond Butter is a go-to for adding a little oomph to some of my snack picks.  To keep from making bad choices, especially at work I keep basics like nuts and granola on hand and pack fruit with my lunch. This past week pink lady apples were on sale and were one of my fruit choices for the week.  

Apples Slices with MaraNatha Nut Butter

Pink lady apples are delicious on their own but kicked up a notch with some toppings which also made eating apple slices more fun. For this snack, I paired my apple slices with a tablespoon of MaraNatha Raw Maple Almond Butter it has 6 grams of protein and is an excellent source of fiber. A sprinkle of hemp seeds and granola on top of my apples with nut butter is sooo delicious, the hint of maple sugar satisfied my sweet tooth. Grab you MaraNatha heart-healthy nut butter at your local Walmart or visit

Stress Less/Laugh More: This one is always easier said than done for me.  I tend to worry and over analyze. I’m learning to let go a little bit more. It’s okay if everything doesn’t get done when I planned, to disconnect when I feel overwhelmed and to enjoy time away.  The plan of action I put in place for this year was scheduling time off. In addition to vacations, I went through my planner and blocked off time.  I want to be more in tune with friends and family this year and make self-care a priority.

Are healthy and wellness goals part of your New Year resolutions? What changes are you making to help in achieving them?



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  • Amanda

    I’ve always been curious about MaraNatha but reading your post made me add it to my shopping list. Will be buying today!! Looks delicious!!!!!

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