Summer's Eve
Posted on December 11, 2017

Everyday Personal Care Essentials with Summer’s Eve


Most of the time I have two handbag personalities. Either I’m lugging around a tote with everything but the kitchen sink inside, or all I have is a wristlet with the bare necessities. Lately, I have been trying to fall somewhere in the middle. I’m a little bit older now and can’t handle lugging around a 6 lb handbag. While the wristlet is fine for nights out I need a little something a little bit more for daytime.

My go to the past few weeks is a mid-sized satchel bag. This style is perfect for work days. It’s not huge so it keeps me from overloading it. When I really think about the things I tend to use during the week I hardly touch most of what is in my bag anyway.

I snagged the perfect cream colored medium sized wristlet a few weeks and I just love it. One wall has a few slip pockets; nowadays I carry a bit of cash, one credit card, my debit card and ID so I no longer need a huge wallet. The other wall of the wristlet has a large zippered pocket where I usually stash a few bobby pins and an extra hair tie.

Summer's Eve

I can fit pretty much everything I need in here to carry alone or slip it into a larger bag. I surprise myself with how low maintenance I’ve become. There are a few essentials that are always with me. 

 Thankfully my eyesight isn’t too bad but I do wear glasses for night driving. I have pairs of glasses stashed everywhere, on my desk at work, at home on the nightstand. I always keep a set in my bag so I never have to worry about forgetting them.

I’m working on keeping maintaining some set of Zen throughout the day, My career is pretty stressful and days can get hectic. Keeping essential oils on hand has made a huge difference for me. I found an aromatherapy spray blend that doubles as a face mist and it’s perfect to keep with me. Any product that has multiple uses is a win in my book.

Summer's Eve

Now that I switched from traditional feminine care products to the cup I no longer need a large stash of supplies. Cleansing cloths still come in handy for a quick refresh. The Simply Summer’s Eve cleansing cloths wipe away odor-causing bacteria and help the body maintain a natural ph. The Simply Sensitive Summer’s Eve Cleansing Cloths are perfect to throw in my bag.

Summer's Eve

The Summer’s Eve cloths are hypoallergenic and alcohol-free nice that they don’t irritate sensitive skin. The individually wrapped Summer’s Eve feminine care packs keep things sanitary for on the go without worry about a large pack drying out.

I almost never touch up my makeup during the day. Once I apply anything in the morning it usually lasts 10-12 hours. At the most, I may get a little shiny in the afternoon so I keep a blot powder compact and retractable brush on hand for minor touchups. Unless I’m done up for something special lip color is not really my thing, but I’m never without a nude gloss.

My personal care essentials cover the basics and ensure I’m always fresh and pulled together on the go. What are some of the key personal care items you carry daily? 


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