Lubriderm Shea + Calming Lavender Jasmine
Posted on December 31, 2017

Battle of the Dry Skin: 3 tips for dealing with winter skin

Trade long, hot steamy, dreamy showers for quicker wash sessions with lukewarm water. I can’t be the only one who loves a super hot shower to wind down after a long day, but we know hot water just sucks all the moisture from the skin. When the temps are cold, try dialing back the temperature a bit and opting for shorter less steamy sessions. Hot water can strip the skin of natural oils.
Lubriderm_Shea + _Calming _Lavender_Jasmine
Choose a good moisturizer. As skin adapts to changing needs during the year, it’s essential to choose a moisturizer for your skin type. While I was at Walmart last night picking up a few essentials, I stopped over into the body care section to stock up on moisturizer.
Lubriderm _Lotion _Walmart
My legs are one area that gets sensitive, irritated and needs extra moisture in the winter.
Lubriderm has a few options to accommodate the moisture needs of everyone in the family, see them all here. Usually, I opt straight for a nourishing moisturizer for itchy dry skin; the Lubriderm Advanced Therapy enriched with Vitamin E & B5 isn’t greasy and keeps hydrated throughout the day.
Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Lotion at Walmart

During this trip, I noticed a new to me calming, scented Lubriderm and immediately grabbed this one too for moisturizing after my evening shower. The lavender scent should be nice to help me relax after a long day and the shea butter will be great for lasting, soothing hydration.

Drink more water. Staying hydrated is a struggle for me personally all year long, but it’s even more critical in the winter. When the temperatures outside are cold, we tend to drink more hot drinks and forget that skin also needs hydration from the inside out.

Lubriderm Extra-Dry Skin Lotion
Do you have any tips for keeping skin hydrated during the winter?


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