Posted on June 8, 2017

Suzanne Organics by Suzanne Somers

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In honor of Earth Month this year I had made it a point to do some clean beauty swaps. Beyond that challenge, I have become more and more interested in making a permanent switch to better for you beauty products.

This month I’m trying out a few skincare and makeup products from Suzanne Organics. Formulated with natural botanical extracts, organic fruits, vegetables, and antioxidants Suzanne Organics is a toxic free beauty line. I was glad to learn that not only is the line toxic free, but it’s also gluten-free, not tested on animals and made in the U.S.A.

Now that I am well into my 30’s it’s a must for me to have anti-aging products as part of my routine. I haven’t been wearing much makeup lately, focusing on skincare instead, plus I rather sleep in 20 minutes more vs. spending that time putting on makeup. Makeup or not I am following a skincare routine, it’s just when I keep the makeup light the routine is a bit simpler.
In the morning I am washing my face with the Everyday Cleanser followed by the Calming Toner. I love that this toner is a spray. I love the cooling, refreshing feel of the toning mist, it’ also nice to spritz on after makeup. My skin is normal to mildly oily.

Suzanne Organics
Thankfully I don’t have much in term of undereye wrinkles, but I am noticing increased decreased volume and a bit of darkness this year, so basically eye cream is a necessity. The Suzanne Organics Anti-Aging Eye Cream works fine for me in the daytime. I was pretty impressed with the anti-aging eye cream; it provided the moisture and brightening I need without it being heavy, or oily.

After dotting on the eye cream, I apply the Bioactive Moisturizer on the rest of my face. After giving the moisturizer it 1-2 minutes to absorb I continue with my makeup, my skin remains hydrated, and the oil is balanced.

For my evening routine I swap out a few products, but the basic routine is the same. I have only been wearing tinted moisturizer or bb cream lately so I can skip a double cleansing in the evening. The Everyday Cleanser has been effective at removing my makeup and cleansing my skin. I massage the cleanser onto dry skin and then add some water to stimulate. 2-3 times a week I use the everyday cleanser as an eye makeup remover and then use the Foaming Exfoliating Cleanser to cleanse my skin.


The exfoliating cleanser uses bamboo extract and jojoba beads to exfoliate the skin. A quick spritz of the refreshing toner then I follow with the Advanced Night Cream. Both the moisturizer and eye creams feel amazing on my skin, hydrating and creamy but not heavy or greasy.


                                         Quad Shades “Ivory,” “Flesh,” “Cocoa” and “Charcoal”.

Now that I a simplifying my everyday makeup it’s nice that I can get my face together in five minutes. BB Cream, a quick one or two neutral shades of eyeshadow, mascara, and sweep of blush and done. Ocasiioonaly I’ll pull out a lipstick, but to honest, it’s very rare. I’m entirely comfortable with just lip balm.

For this week’s five-minute makeup routine I have been using the Suzanne Organics Eyeshadow Essentials Neutrals quad, the lengthening mascara, and the natural blush and Sheer Satin Lipstick both in the shades Antique Rose. The formula of the shadows was nice, and they blended well. The eyeshadows were sheer on me but didn’t crease; I didn’t use a primer.

  • Certified organic ingredients
  • No artificial dyes
  • No plastic or petroleum fillers
  • No parabens, petroleum, propylene glycol, butylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, pesticides, phthalates, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances

The packaging is nice, simple and functional. My skin has reacted well to everything so far, yay for no breakouts. My first impressions are great for this line. If you have been thinking about making the switch to non-toxic beauty, this is a great place to start. My standout favorites are the calming toner and the Bioactive Moisturizer.

Check out the full line of Suzanne Organics and save 20% off all skincare & cosmetics with code PRIMP20.

Have you thought about making the switch to better beauty products? 

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