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UMA Luxury Skin Care Oils

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So here we are in the month of May. By now you have probably noticed that I failed at posting much in April and showcasing green beauty brands for Earth Month. Before we get into today’s post about UMA Oils, I wanted to briefly share a little bit about what has been up with me.

April was a stressful month for me. It has been many years since I lost someone close to me, and while I know death is always a shock this time, it hit me harder than I expected. March 29, 2017, my family lost my grandfather. The following week I traveled to Florida for the services and to spend time with my family. Just before I left things in my life were already super hectic, then this loss and when I returned we got some more bad health news regarding another family member. My grandfather was a two-time cancer survivor, and the bad health news with the other family member is breast cancer.

Dealing with grief is hard. Unfortunately, I’m sure many of you can relate. During the time I was away, I did a lot of deep soul searching, meditation, praying and planning. Researching better for you brands as it pertains to health, beauty and overall wellness has been something I was already doing, but it feels more important now than ever.  

I may have been a little quieter than usually on social media the past month, but of course, I have still been trying new things. My personal style and even beauty style have been changing over the previous year. Not only have I been slowly swapping out products with harmful ingredients, but I have also shifted to a minimalist approach in a lot of ways.
My skin has once again become a focus, and I’m determined to get mine back in order. It’s super hot here in the South and I no longer like the look or feel of heavy makeup for day to day. My goal is to get more skin cleared up and put away the foundation.

You already know my love of skin oils runs deep. On any given day I would choose skincare over makeup without hesitation. I learned about UMA oils after reading about them on two blogs I follow. I quickly added them to my never ending skincare wishlist.

The team at UMA oils were kind enough to send me their Ultimate Brightening Discovery Kit to try and babes, I’m in love. This kit was a perfect introduction to the brand.UMA-OILS -Ultimate-Brightening-Discovery-Kit

UMA Ultimate Brightening Discovery Kit {$130} 
Ultimate Brightening Face Mask (.68 oz)
Ultimate Brightening Face Oil (15ml)
Ultimate Anti-Aging Eye Oil (3ml)
Absolute Anti-aging Body Oil (15ml)

UMA oils are 100% natural & organic luxury oils, crafted with pure, potent botanicals sourced on their family estate. From the fist drop of oil, I used I was impressed. UMA Oils  is rooted in Ayurvedic principles. The history of UMA Oils which spans over five generations carries the principles of Ayurveda beyond the oils and into their business. Following the ideology that when you take, you give back. Local women make up 50% of UMA’s workforce, and they are committed to providing equal pay for equal work to both men and women.


Anytime I try a new skincare product I prepare myself for a skin purge and a few weeks wait to see any changes in my skin. I did not have to wait weeks with UMA. I kid you not the next morning after the first night I used the UMA Ultimate Brightening Oil I could see progress. Three day sans makeup and using the oils my grandmother even made a comment about she could see my skin clearing up and glowing.

I love the rose scent of this oil. A little goes a long way; two tiny drops is all you need. I imagine this sample vial will last me some time but once it runs out, I will for sure purchase the full size. I have combination-oily skin, and this oil not only brightens but has kept my skin balanced. The feel is light; I can skip serums and moisturizer when I use them. Pressing a few drops onto my damp skin leaves my face hydrated and glowing.

Stress and bad eating are my number one and two culprits that send my skin out of whack. If I get a breakout, there is no doubt some post acne inflammation will leave me with some hyperpigmentation.


The UMA Ultimate Brightening Face Mask is magic. At the first hint of a breakout sprouting, I apply a little bit of this mask to the problem area. The anti-inflammatory ingredients and warm spices pull everything to the surface and promote quick healing. The Saffron and Vitamin C help fade the dark spots and keep the skin bright. This mask has a very nice texture, and you don’t need to layer it on thick.

I have used an eye cream for years, more for prevention than need. Now that I am closer to 40 than 30 my eye area is starting to show some very subtle signs of aging. I am new to using oils for the eye area, so this was new to me. My combination oily skin has me oily in the T-zone and dries around the eyes and mouth. The UMA Ultimate Anti-Aging Eye Oil solved the dryness problem, brightening up the under eye area, no more dark circles and it wears well under makeup.


I have been slacking on my water intake again, and it’s showing on my skin. I have a lot of skin to cover, and I won’t lie at first I was super stingy with using the UMA Anti-Aging body oil. It turns out I didn’t need to be that frugal with it, when I applied to damp skin I got more bang for my buck and my skin had a beautiful healthy and hydrated glow.

I have a trouble spot of dry, rough skin on the back of my arms around the elbows, call me crazy, but I swear this is helping. The scent of this oil is calming and relaxing; it feels so luxurious on the skin. After the first use I wanted to bath in it, the price quickly snapped me out of that, but the full size is now on my treat yo’ self wishlist.


The older I am, the more I feel okay with splurging for quality skin care products. Not that every good skin care product has to cost an arm and a leg, but my younger self would have run from high priced products. When I was in my twenties, it would have been a game of “would you rather.” Spend $130 on skin care or spend $130 on two or maybe three pairs of shoes. Back then when I had no skin issues whatsoever clothing, shoes and handbags would have won that game every time.

It’s refreshing to discover brands that manage to balance effectiveness, with non-toxic ingredients. I can appreciate the quality and luxurious feel and packaging of UMA oils and look forward to trying out more from this brand.

Click here to learn more about UMA oils. Mother’s Day is coming up if you’re looking for a gift for mom or even something nice for yourself check out the UMA Trial Kits. These UMA sets are a wonderful introduction to the brand and a nice way to sample a variety of oils.

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  • I’m so sorry for your loss *huge huge hugs* I miss my grandparents every day. I’m happy to hear you’ve found awesome skincare to help you get your skin back on track!

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    So sorry to hear that your grandfather passed and that another family member has breast cancer. You and your family are in my thoughts. I’m glad that UMA Oils helped get your skin back on track at this stressful time. I’m a fan of oils so this is a brand that I will add to my To Try list

  • I’m so sorry to hear about your grandad <3 Sending much love your way! I've only tried the one oil from UMA – the deeply clarifying one. It is SO amazing for acne that I actually bought a back-up. But this was the older packaging – mine looks like Greek ampules!

  • Phyrra Nyx

    The eye oil sounds like one i’d like. So sorry about your grandfather.

  • So sorry for your loss. These oils sound amazing.

  • This sounds like something I would love to try!! PS- I am sooooo sorry for your loss 🙁 There seems to be a lot of it going around it seems 🙁

  • marciaf

    I love trial kids since it really introduces you to a brand. I like the sound of the eye oil. My condolences on your loss.

  • BeautyJudy

    I’m so sorry for your loss, sending hugs. These oils sound perfect

  • Mai

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I’ve started to realize that skincare is more than a necessity, it’s an investment into the future.

  • Sorry for your loss!!!

    I really want to work more oils into my skin care routine because I’m moving to the desert!

  • Oh these sound lovely. I am just like you: skin care rather than makeup. And I absolutely love good facial oils. I am so deeply sorry you lost your grandfather!!! When I hear “Uma” I can´t stop thinking of Uma Thurman though lol!!!

  • Brightening mask sounds amazing, I would totally use something like this! I’ve been loving more natural skincare, too, and even though I will probably never go all green, there are some products that I have no problem permanently replacing with green options.

    Sorry for your loss. I recently lost a friend who was only 25, and I’m still in shock.

  • Christine C.

    These oils sound amazing! Something I for sure need to look into! PS Your photos are stunning!!! Also, so sorry for your loss!

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