Posted on May 24, 2017

BabbleBoxx|The Spring Hit List

The Spring Hit List: 4 Products helping me transition into the Spring Season 

This year has been one of transition for me, lots and lots of changes. The past two months specifically have been chaos; I feel like I’m being pulled in ten different directions and just can’t catch my breath.

Over the past few weeks, I have been trying to get things back on track, organize my house and figure out how to get more fun time into the schedule. I’m so glad the season is changing because if I was dealing with all that’s on my plate right now during the winter, I might have had a meltdown. Springtime makes me happy. I love the longer days; the sunshine and the warm weather. It’s not super hot yet so being outside is nice and I plan on soaking up the sun as much as I can. 

Is pollen an issue where you live? I’m one of the unlucky ones who suffers a little bit with seasonal irritants. Dry, itchy, and watering eyes constantly give me problems. Last week when I was sitting in the dentist chair my eye was watering so bad the Hygienist keep asking if she was hurting me. She wasn’t at all; it was just a bad irritation day. I want to kick myself if I leave the house without some tissue.


Clear Eyes the #1 one selling brand of eye drops have been a saving grace. Before I do my eye makeup, I treat both my eyes with a few drops, and I can make it through the day with less irritation. The bottle is small enough to fit in my pocket if I’m not carrying a handbag and trust I won’t leave home without this.


I’m always super careful with making sure my hands are clean when applying eye drops and that I don’t touch the tip of the applicator. With The Clear Eyes Pure Relief® bottle, there is no worry about that. The bottle has a built in purifying filter that keeps bacteria out, eliminating the need for preservatives. Clear Eyes Pure Relief®, is the first preservative free eyes drop in a multidose bottle available at retail in the US. It’s also available in a dry eye formula if that is an issue for you. Click here to download a coupon that will save you $3 when you purchase.

Working in a corporate environment I have to adhere to a particular look for work. I soo look forward to the weekends when I can wear whatever I want. Keeping along with the theme of transition this year my style is also changing a bit. I have scaled down my closest quite a bit, and now I’m all about the comfort while still looking put together.

Distressed jeans and loose tops are staples. I have a lot of sleeveless tops, halters and off the shoulder shirts, and it’s nice not to have to worry about traditional bra straps showing. I recently discovered these lovely seamless bras from Coobie.
I’m not a super big busted gal, but I’m not exactly small either. I wear a 38C in traditional styles and always thought I couldn’t pull off the lacy, beautiful bras. This Cobbie bra not only shocked me with how comfortable it is, but it also provides good support, there is even a hook in the back that brings the straps closer together to wear it racerback style.
This is my new favorite bra, I need it in every color. The lace style feels ultra feminine and the cups are lined with a soft, thin nylon blend, I like that there is no bulky padding. The Coobie bralettes are functional, sexy and comfortable, fist pump for finding a bra that meets all three of those needs.
The style I have is the Undie Couture Wide Strap Lace Bralette. This style is only $22 and is available in ten colors. Available in 3 sizes: Small (28A-32D), Medium (32A-34D), Large (36A-38D). Fabric Content: 93% Nylon, 7% Spandex. Shop it here.

Capri’s, skirts, dresses and sleeveless, oh hello spring style not to mention its swimsuit season. Now is not the time to slack on keeping up with personal grooming. I first tried Nads as a teenager, and they are still around and have improved and expanded the product line.

I’m a chicken when it comes to trying to wax myself at home. I like to keep things smooth, and when I shave too often, my skin gets irritated. My underarm area is the most susceptible to irritation, so depilatory creams are a better choice for me. Aloe Vera, Avocado Oil, and Honey are a few of the soothing ingredients in Nad’s Sensitive Hair Removal Cream.

You can easily and painlessly remove hair in as little as four minutes. Simple, easy and quick hair removal and bonus that this formula does not have a harsh smell. You just apply the Nads cream to the skin, make sure you just smooth it on, there is no need to rub it in. The Nads cream wipes away with ease, or you can rinse it off. Simple, budget friendly and you can remove your hair privately at home, purchase here

bloom Mineral Beauty is a brand to put on your radar, especially if you are looking to try out natural beauty products. I haven’t had much time to focus on self-care lately, and that needs to change. I do however always follow a skincare routine and mask at least once a week. The bloom Mineral Beauty Ready.Set.Hydrate set is $39 and an excellent way to try out the brand. This set is a perfect simple skincare routine even the busiest of girls can follow. The set comes with a cleanser, moisturizer, mask and eye cream.

Start by cleansing the skin with the Softening Milk Cleanser it can break down makeup and balances the skin leaving it feeling clean by not stripped. Once your face is clean, then apply the purifying mud mask and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Heads up you might feel a little tingle; this is standard with this mask, it eases up.If I had the time I would sit in the tub and relax with the mud mask on but lately, my reality usually consists of multitasking with the mud mask on my face will I fold clothes. This mask felt nice on my skin and didn’t dry down super stiff and uncomfortable; it rinses off easily. One you have washed all the mask off follow with the applying the moisture shield to hydrate and protect the skin then use the shielding eye cream.

The dead sea black mud, olive oil and honey in the mask is great to draw out impurities and has helped balance my combination oily skin. My other standout product in this set is the Shielding Eye Cream; it has a blend of dead sea mineral salts, chamomile, and calendula which leaves my under eye hydrated and hides when I haven’t gotten much good sleep. Use code skin25  to save on your order at now through June 30th. 


These few new discoveries have me ready and eager to skip onto Spring! 


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