Posted on May 31, 2017

Rodial Snake Mask & Serum

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This year is flying by, and I’m super sad that I haven’t been able to keep up with blogging as I planned. Sometimes life gets in the way of our plans, and we just have to shift focus.

There have been some cool products I have tried over the past few months, and I wanted to talk about a few from Rodial that have been using.

Rodial is a luxury beauty brand founded in 1999 that focuses on developing high-performance products with targeted treatments. I first discovered this brand browsing the ULTA Beauty site a few years ago and came across the Dragon’s Blood Discovery Kit. If for nothing more than being intrigued as to what dragon’s blood could be, I bought that kit and have been a fan of the brand ever since.

Rodial//Snake Mask
So the real deal with this mask is that I love and hate it at the same time. Let me explain. I often get clogged pores and have trouble with congestion in a few spots. One thing that helps clear this up for me is a good face steam and peel off mask. The french clay in the Rodial Snake Mask helps deep clean and unblock pores while the liquorice extract boosts radiance. This mask is a little gloopy in texture, so I like to apply it with a brush to make sure it’s even and a nice thickness.
If you’re looking for a mask that shows results immediately then this great, it reminds me of a nose strip, but for your whole face, it removes excess dirt and oils. Once the Rodial snake mask is dry, you remove by gently peeling, and there is no pain.
The one thing I didn’t love about this mask is the smell; this mask has somewhat of a chemical smell to it. I had absolutely no adverse reactions to it or anything but the smell was strong and worth mentioning, the mask works so well for me however so I can overlook it. Now that I’m typing this it could be the liquorice extract I’m smelling. Either way, I’m on my second tube of this mask, and it’s a winner for me.
Rodial// Snake Serum O2
The older I get, the more I am into having a serum in my skincare routine. When my skin is looking a little dull, this snake serum the perfect serum for a pick me up; it instantly makes my skin look brighter and hydrated.
After cleansing and toning, I just massage a small amount of this serum into my skin. The snake serum feels like a nice lightweight hybrid of a serum that brightens and plumps the skin leaving a beautiful glow. I started using this twice a day, and over a few weeks, I noticed an improvement in the firmness and texture of my skin.
The Rodial Snake mask and serum have been nice additions to my skincare routine. Have you used anything from this brand?
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