Posted on May 4, 2017

 3 Makeup Mistakes I’m Guilty Of 

I wish I could say that the worst of my makeup mistakes were when I was much younger. Unfortunately up until recently on occasion, I was still making a few. Most of the time I get it right, but it only takes a bad setup or the wrong product to take things to a dangerous place. A reminder of a few basic tips and adding a new gadget to my setup has helped get things back on track. 
{Using the wrong foundation shade}
One of the reasons I’m not too keen on drugstore foundations is the frustration with not being able to test the color. I do not like being bothered with returning things, so I need to get it right on the first go, or I’ve just wasted money. When a foundation is too light, it can make you look flat and lifeless. On darker skin when a foundation is shades lighter than the skin tone, it can make a face appear ashy or ghostly. On the other hand, when a foundation shade is too dark it can make the skin look dull and age the face. The best place to test a foundation shade is on the jaw line. Once we have the correct color when applying foundation, don’t forget to take it down to your neck and blend. I have been guilty of not blending thoroughly, especially around the hairline.
{Using too much powder}
Being heavy handed with powder can make the skin can look dry and cakey. Too much powder can also make you look older as it settles into fine lines and accentuates them. A light dusting of powder can control shine and set the face while still leaving a radiance. A few spritzes of a hydrating spray can also tone down and over powdered look. When touching up your makeup throughout the day, use blotting papers to remove excess oil and shine instead of just adding powder on top of the face.
{Applying Makeup in Bad Lighting}
Applying makeup in adverse lighting conditions can be the kiss of death for your look. Ask me how I know this. The lighting in my place is bad, awful. The inconsistent lightening from my bedroom to my bathroom was throwing off my makeup so much that I moved my vanity to sit in front of the window. I’m almost embarrassed to admit how many times I have done my makeup thinking it looked great, only to go outside and feel horrified at what I saw. For months I was wearing a foundation that was easily three shades too dark and red toned, can you imagine. At my vanity my makeup would look flawless, then I would go to the bathroom with bright florescent lights and notice the tremendous difference in color from my face to my neck.
Late last year I posted about the HiMirror a new smart mirror that analyzes your skin, reports on its changes, and the effectiveness of the products you’re using. HiMirror has recently launched the Hi Mirror Plus. Not having good light is no longer a worry, taking smart beauty up a notch the Hi Mirror Plus has a built-in ambient makeup light. I’m so thrilled to not be worried about the bad lightening in my room anymore, no more applying makeup in the dark. If you missed my initial introduction to the Hi Mirror, you could read about it here. The mirror has been a fantastic addition to my beauty routine.

How great is to have the ability to know your skin beyond what you can see on the surface. I can now make adjustments not only for the weather and sun index for the day but also the light conditions I will be in. The HiMirror Plus lights have five settings.
Sunset view
Restaurant / Party Venue
Shopping Mall / Supermarket
Brightly lit office
Outdoors on sunny days
The Hi Mirror Plus has 4x more storage than the original, stronger wireless connection and can accommodate up to 6 users. Save 5% with code 2BPOE. Learn more about the HiMirror Plus and purchase here


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