Posted on January 10, 2017

Beauty Buzz: Probiotic Skincare|BeBella®


From music to fashion to beauty there will always be fads and trends. Once we wade through some of the trying to get attention buzz and reintroducing old ways to a new generation with changing terms, some new things are totally worth the hype. Could bacteria and skincare be the perfecting pairing? Let’s explore the benefit of Probiotic Skincare with BeBella®

Regardless of what products I’m using when it comes to skincare, I have two main focuses, regardless of what product I’m using. The first is consistency, and the second is layering. About two years ago I was introduced to and quickly became fascinated with Western Beauty Regimens. Beyond the types of products, the idea of going through the routine as a pampering session combined with layering products has made a world of difference in my skincare.

Although I may still feel like I’m in my twenties at times (ignore the fact that more often than not being asleep before 10 pm. is a regular thing, lol), treating my skin the same way I did back then no longer flys. I used to dread a long process of skin care, but now I use that 15-20 minutes to lock myself in the bathroom ALONE and relax.

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  • Alli Smith

    I agree with your mom about what you eat showing up in your skin. I love how this skincare line includes supplements for the skin. I need to try this for sure since I’m fanatical about taking care of my skin.

  • TheNewClassy

    That sounds like a great product. I would love something that could help my skin. Winters are rough on it, and any help I could get would be appreciated.

  • Jacqui @FlightsFancyMom

    Like you, I didn’t have acne issues until my 20’s. Actually, when I got pregnant to be more exact! LOL. I tease my daughter that it was her fault. But after I had her, I went back to my clear skin. She hates me because she’s got her father’s skin and it breaks out a lot :/. I try to help her find solutions, but they don’t always work and she gets discouraged and stops using them.

  • That Probiotic Skincare with BeBella sure does sound amazing! I’m always in the market for a new skincare product so I’ll definitely have to check this out <3

  • Candy Kage

    This skin care sound really great. I seem to do really good about taking care of my skin and I don’t know after awhile I just seem to slack off. Time to get back and doing this day and night.

  • Pam W

    Probiotics are so popular right now. I take them for my digestive system but I haven’t heard of them in skincare products before now.

  • I’m always looking for great skin care products. This sounds like a wonderful line of products. My skin gets so dry during the winter.

  • Annemarie LeBlanc

    There are so many new beauty products out in the market today that I don’t know which one to get first. Honestly, this is the first time I have heard about BeBella skincare products. Thank you for your honest review. I will include this in my list of products to consider.

  • Rebecca Swenor

    These Bebella probiotic skincare products sound amazing. I would love to try the Collagen Pro and the Beclara. These types of products I have never tried before. Thanks for sharing these awesome skincare products.

  • I must admit bacteria and skincare don’t come close in my thought process but I loving this brand

  • Dee

    Alright, I have never heard that a skin care Regine would have to deal with probiotics. This is really new to me, but hey if it helps and work for someone go for it.

  • I need to practice a regular facial routine. The one I have right now is hardly cutting it. I’m certain I do the bare minimum.

  • Shannon Graham

    It can be tough to decide which skin care product to use these days, but this looks promising. I think I will give it a try!

  • Ali

    Thank you for laying this out in such an easy guide of when to do what. That is always the part that trips me up about skin care routines.

  • This sounds like a great skincare line. I think it’s important to start from the inside out. I’m trying a new to me brand of skincare products but when I run out of it, I might try this brand.

  • My skin has lost it’s mind in the last month or so. And I KNOW it’s because I don’t have a regular routine!

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