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Beauty Buzz: Skincare Analysis with HiMirror

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We already know I’m a beauty junkie and many of you know that more than makeup, skincare is really where my obsession lies. At this age, I am willing to spare no expense when it comes to skin care products, treatments, and gadgets that work.  From drugstore gems to luxury splurges our skincare is only as good as measurable results, that is where the latest addition to my beauty routine comes in. For the past two weeks I have been testing out the HiMirror, and it has changed everything about my routine. 
The HiMirror is a revolutionary new tech gadget that helps take the guesswork out of skincare. Beauty has come a long way, we have sonic brushes, light therapy masks, at home microdermabrasion devices, you name it, but nothing that can tell us just how effective all these treatments and gadgets are. The HiMirror just changed the skincare game by allowing us to see how our skin is changing. The HiMirror is a smart mirror that scans your face and provides an in-depth analysis of your skin allowing you to truly see what your skin issues are and develop a routine to treat them. 


The HiMirror just changed the skincare game by allowing us to see how our skin is changing. The HiMirror is a smart mirror that scans your face and provides an in-depth analysis of your skin allowing you to truly see what your skin issues are and develop a routine to treat them. As you continue to use the mirror it provides you with graphical data and photo comparisons of your progress; now you can indeed see the effectiveness of the routine you’re following and the products you’re using. Game-Set-Match.

Setup: The HiMirror  requires electrical power so keep this in mind when deciding on a location. The corresponding Smart Body Scale (more on the scale & the HiFit App in a future post) does have a built in battery so it doesn’t need to stay plugged in during use.

You can mount the HiMirror on the face of an existing mirror, on the wall or place on a tabletop using a stand. Because I will be moving soon, I choose not to mount on the bathroom mirror. I played around with the HiMirror both on my vanity and mounted on the wall, both worked well.

The HiMirror uses motion technology so when you mount the mirror make sure it is in a location where the sensor is unobstructed. The Mirror works on WIFI and periodically has automatic software updates. My mirror had an update a few days ago and even more incredible features appeared; I can now get the national news and stream music right from the HiMirror.

skincare-routine-himirrorOnce your mirror in position and connected to your home’s wifi you need to download the corresponding HiMirror smartphone app. 


How to use: First thing in the morning I turn the mirror on it gives me the weather for the day along with the UV index and beauty tips. When you approach the mirror the camera uses facial recognition to log you into your personalized beauty consultant(you can also access your account using voice commands), you can then navigate through the options which range from the skin analysis to the step by step guided beauty routine.
himirror-weatherAnalysis: Developed under the supervision of consultants in the fields of dermatology, medical beauty, cosmetic application and a host of other industry professionals the skin analysis is one of the most helpful features of the HiMirror. I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about skin care and my needs, and even I was surprised at the results of my scan. Understanding what my skin needs are is very helpful for reaching my skin care goals. The data compiled by the HiMirror shows me if the products I’m using are working and I can make adjustments as needed.
You can add the products you are currently using to your database using either the mirror itself or with the app. For products with a barcode, you can quick add by scanning the barcode, you can manually add products by snapping a picture.

Using the HiMirror I’ve been able to make better use of my beauty samples.  A lot of times I get deluxe samples in beauty subscription boxes, Sephora orders, etc. these are all sitting in a basket and I’m determined to start working through them. I may have a first impression of these products after use, but often there isn’t enough to make a determination if they work. With the HiMirror I can log these products, keep track of when I started using them and get data on their effectiveness all from the Mirror, how neat is that.

The HiMirror has five evaluation categories;
Healthiness – Clarity – Firmness – Texture – Brightness
After your scan, your HiMirror Personal Beauty System detects dark spots, red spots, dark eye circles, fine lines, wrinkles, pores, and complexion, each detection is rated. I found it fascinating to see an in-depth skin analysis showing me everything the scan detected, areas of concern and how I scored.
Surprisingly I scored a bit better than I expected on my dark spots which are my biggest problem. I also started using a light therapy device, and the HiMirror analysis is reporting improvement in the areas I have been targeting, so I’m glad to know that it is working, even if the progress isn’t glaringly obvious to me yet.
himirror-historical-changesI’m trying to tone down the makeup and focus more on the health of my skin, this innovative tech mirror is making that easy, definitely the best addition to my beauty routine. Now that I have seen such an in-depth view of my skin, I can’t believe once upon a time I was dropping major cash on skincare products without a true way to see how they were working, or even if they were what my skin truly needed. This Smart Mirror is making me a more informed consumer.
As I have been learning more about Asian Beauty I have started following a more intense regimen. In the evening when I’m not lazy I follow a 10 step beauty ritual, and sometimes I forget a product. The HiMirror walks me through my routine, it’s like having an Esthetician sit with me each night showing the correct way to apply products and giving beauty tips.   
Just think about how much having this data would change the way you shop or what services you get at the spa or dermatologist office. Seeing below the skin’s surface and in more depth, no more guessing what your skin needs, or being pressured into products at the beauty counter. 
I never imagined a mirror could tell me so much isn’t technology amazing. We have Smart Tv’s, Smartphones now a Smart Mirror. If you are serious about skin care, this smart beauty device is the thing you need to take your routine to the next level.  
Price: $189


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  • Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    The HiMirror looks so great! I can’t believe the things you can do with technology now. I’ll have to look into this.

  • Tessa @ Mama Smith’s

    That sounds amazing. The fact that this mirror can actually make recommendations regarding my skin just from a photo is amazing.

  • Lola Seicento

    This is such an innovative concept! I would love to try this!

  • I just heard of this and think it is amazing! I need to be better at taking care of my skin but am never sure where to start. This makes it a lot easier!

  • Jeanette

    How very interesting! I have never heard of this but I’m really curious about trying it. I love that the mirror can make recommendations.

  • marciaf

    I think this is so fascinating. I hope reviewers do a follow up so we can see how it helps their skin.

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    I’m amazed by this mirror. Incredible

  • This is neat. I’ll have to check this out and I have been wanting to try macellar water, too.

  • Now that is my cup of tea. I love the idea of having this mirror and being able to get guidance on what works for me and my skin type.

  • Wow! What a concept! This mirror is seriously high tech! I would have never imagined such a product!

  • This is a great looking gadget.

  • wendy polisi

    Indeed this innovative technology is constantly amazed me because of its inherent rarity. I need this hi mirror. Love it.

  • Dogvills

    What a cool gadget. I’ve seen this the other day and I really love the concept.

  • myteenguide

    I would love to have this gadget. So amazing and unique. This is a great technology idea.

  • Wow! I’ve never seen something like this before! This would make a great addition to my wishlist this year!

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  • Kathy

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  • all_the_words025

    This is such an incredible device!

  • This is the best mirror ever!! I want one so I am going to have to tell Santa. This is the coolest thing I have seen in awhile!

  • Wow technology has just changed the makeup game once again. This is just so cool I need to try one for myself.

  • Eloise Maoudj Riley

    holy crap! that is crazy cool… I want one! I’m no beauty expert so this would definitely help me out!

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  • This is so cool! I would love to have this to help with my beauty regiment!

  • Chippy

    I bought one and have only had it for 2 days and while I think it is amazing in theory, I am really struggling with getting it to work the way you and many others have described! I so want to love this, but would love advice on how you learned to work it. I actually found your blog while desperately searching for advice on how to use it without pulling out my hair! And seeing your post I am realizing how much more I am either not using it correctly or mine isn’t working correctly! 🙂

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