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Posted on October 4, 2016

Trying New Things


As I continue navigation through this uncomfortable year of transition, I’m becoming much more aware of myself. At times I can be such a creature of habit. Patterns, structure, predictability, that is where my comfort usually is. This trait is one that I’m working to change; I need to live in the moment more, stop overthinking and accept that even with change and possible failure, things will be okay. 

Getting comfortable with trying new things can be challenging at times, but it’s necessary for growth. There are a few key things I try to remember when I’m tempted to stay wrapped up in my comfortable place.

Discovering things that you’re good at, things you enjoy and even new and better ways of doing things were all results of the chance you took at trying something new. From health and wellness, style and beauty, to activities, unfamiliar things makes life new and fun. 

Trying new things makes us more interesting as people. Some of my best memories and stories come from new experiences. Ten years ago I never imagined I would leave the comfort of New York, where I was born and raised and relocate to the South. I can admit now to being terrified of this move, especially since I stepped out and moved completely on my own with no friends or family in the new State.

ob Tampons

This year my “new thing” is overhauling my lifestyle when it comes to diet and exercise. Starting this week, I’m taking classes at a new fitness studio and starting a detox cleanse. A few years ago I dared to try something new when it came to feminine personal care and discovered a great product in the process. Being an active teen, I was a tampon user for many years, but the thought of using one without an applicator wasn’t something that interested me. A friend introduced me to o.b.® Tampons and I was surprised that they weren’t as scary as I thought. ob Tampons

o.b. SilkTouch™ tampons are discreet, no applicator tampons that provide excellent comfort and protection.No woman wants to worry about accidents during that time of the month. You can be worry free with o.b.® Tampons they expand all around to accommodate each women’s unique shape and feature Fluid Lock® grooves for locked in leak protection.
Each day is a new beginning. The past is just that, over. If we dwell on things that happened, we can’t look ahead to what’s coming and what’s withing our control. Once the day is gone we never get that day to do over, so what does dwelling on it accomplish? Now that isn’t to say we can’t learn from things but just don’t get caught up in the should have, would have, could have thinking, it isn’t productive. You don’t have to wait for the perfect time, the perfect situation, or the start of a new day, month, or year. Try something new now, when the feeling or thought hits. Don’t let fear stop you. Things will never be completely perfect, and you’ll never get another today.

                Dare to be fearless, Dare to live without regret, Dare to discover something new.



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