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Posted on September 19, 2016

5 Ways to Kick-Start a Healthy Lifestyle


As we get older and lead busier lives staying motivated to workout can be challenging. For some of us……..raises hand high, we need a little push. The good news is no matter how may times you get off track you can always start again; it’s never too late. Each time I push the restart button my on a healthy living journey I go back to these five simple tips. 

youtheory-turmeric-healthy -lifestyle

1. Plan Ahead: Meal planning can sometimes make or break the eating portion of a healthy lifestyle. We are more likely to make bad food choices when we don’t plan. The food truck craze has hit the office park where I work and when I don’t bring my lunch, I can hear the taco truck calling my name. Bringing my lunch and packing some healthy snacks like granola bars and fruit help keep me away from the food trucks and candy dish.

2. Keep a Log: If you didn’t log it, did it even happen? Keeping track of your day (meals, water intake, activity, and supplements) are excellent ways to stay motivated.


When you maintain a record of where you are you can make adjustments when needed, have data to discuss with your doctor and even see your progress to celebrate victories. I set a few attainable goals for myself and whenever I reach one I treat myself to a beauty splurge. Download this handy tracking sheet to get started. 

3. Take Supplements: Taking supplements are nothing new to me. In addition to my multivitamin and fish oil (which I now take in liquid form), I have added youtheory® Turmeric Extra Strength 120 Capsules to my regimen. It took a little time for these old bones of mine to get used to exercising again and I was battling a little with pain and inflammation partly due to tendonitis. In addition to Turmeric being an antioxidant, it can support healthy joints and help helped support a healthy inflammation response.

*Emerging research shows that turmeric supports healthy liver function, supports healthy brain function, and supports exercise recovery/offsets muscle pain associated with overexertion.

youtheory® has a new even better formulation of Turmeric supplement. While the previous formula had 450mg turmeric per 3 capsules, the new youtheory® Turmeric Extra Strength 120 Capsules turns things up with 1,000 mg Turmeric per 2 capsules, that’s 3x the amount of turmeric per capsule.
I found the youtheory® Turmeric Extra Strength at my local Costco warehouse. Store location of the product may vary, in my store the youtheory® supplements were in an aisle near the pharmacy.  The new formulation has an orange lid and as you can see on the bottle I’m holding below it is clearly marked 1,000 mg per daily serving, and contains 120 capsulesyoutheory-turmeric-Costco

I know you’re wondering if you can just start sprinkling the turmeric spice from your kitchen on your food and get the same benefits? The simple answer is no, and here is why taking a supplement is a better option. *Regular turmeric is poorly absorbed and contains only about 5% curcuminoids by weight (which is the active constituent that makes turmeric yellow and provides the vast majority of benefits that are attributed to turmeric intake). The youtheory® Turmeric is 95% curcuminoids (nearly 20 times more than regular turmeric). One pill (500 mg) of the youtheory® Turmeric Extra Strength formula provides the dosage equivalency of almost 10,000 mg (10 grams) of turmeric!

If you follow a specific eating lifestyle youtheory® capsules will fit right in, they are suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and are free of gluten ingredients.

youtheory® bridges the gap between the very best that nature and science have to offer.
You can read more about the benefits of Turmeric here

4. Join a Tribe: Having a support network is helpful. Whether it’s a buddy to take a walk or hit the gym with or even a phone call to an accountability partner, friends help. I am in a few groups, and we participate in weekly challenges and chat to encourage and support one another. These girls keep me motivated!
youtheory-turmeric-healthy -lifestyle

5. Drink more Water: If you struggle with this one, you are not alone. One of my biggest problem areas is not drinking enough water. Try to make getting that h2O in more fun. Picking up a new water bottle and incorporating fruit infused water has helped me get closer to downing my eight bottles a day.

These five tips are easy things anyone can do to kick-start a healthier lifestyle. What are you incorporating into your routine to support healthy living?  mercedessig2


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