Posted on September 15, 2016

3 Ways to Embrace Your Flaws

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Technically the summer is behind us, although it looks like the South missed the memo because temps are still unbearably high here. Yesterday it was 98°, I was only outside a few minutes before I started sweating, yuck. I am sooooo ready for the cooler fall temps to roll in. It looks like I’ll be waiting a few more weeks for that to happen but with Fall on my mind, I’m at least starting to shift into wearing warmer colors.
This summer has been one of transition and reflecting for me. Change is sometimes uncomfortable, but it is necessary for growth. For the past few years, I have been carrying around some extra pounds. I know we should always feel good in our skin, but honestly, this excess weight has taken a toll on me.


I’ll be sharing more about all this in a later post but today I want to focus on self-acceptance even when we aren’t at our best. This summer I spent a lot of time clearing out clutter and simplifying my possessions down to the necessities. As a someone who likes to shop combined with being a blogger, my closets and storage were becoming overrun with stuff. As I cleaned out my closets and took a look at things I realized that I had a lot of clothes I wasn’t wearing.

Honestly, I was only wearing about 20% of the things I owned; the rest was just sitting in closets taking up space. When I took an honest look at why I wasn’t wearing these things, there wasn’t a real reason. I mean sure we all probably have a few things we are saving for an individual occasion and the I’ll wear this when I loose 10 lbs section, but that still didn’t explain it. A lot of my clothes I just didn’t feel okay wearing because I picked apart all the flaws in my body and convinced myself that I couldn’t wear them yet.

I made the decision to get out of that way of thinking and get back on track with my health and fitness goals. There is no sense in waiting for everything to fall into place, to lose the weight, to tone and tighten all the jiggly, flabby body parts. I have to enjoy every moment of life and live in the now. That doesn’t mean I give up on goals, but time is not on pause while I work on things.


(adj.) An individual who embraces their “flaws” and knows they’re awesome regardless.

If you are having trouble embracing your flaws here are three quick ways you can shift your view.

Cut the Negative: Try to be mindful not only of negative talk but also thoughts. Instead of the negative things shift your focus and thoughts to your best qualities and play those up.

Take Pictures: I read an article once that said that people who feel like they aren’t photogenic just aren’t used to seeing themselves. We never actually know what we look like to other people other than in pictures. We look different to ourselves because we only ever see ourselves through reflection. The best way to get more used to seeing yourself is to take pictures. Even if you don’t post them anywhere take more pictures of yourself and spend some time looking at them.

Don’t Compare: Comparing yourself to others can be destructive. Comparing is not constructive, and it robs us of our individuality. No two people are alike, and our journeys are different. The comparison is almost a voice saying I should be more like this when in reality you should only strive to be the best version of you.


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A little change in mindset and things are on the upswing. I’m eating better, feeling better, thinking better and most importantly embracing my flaws. 


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  • This was a great post! I have just started the same thing with the getting myself back on track and the extra pounds do take a toll. I also think when I’m super hard and negative on myself I puts my overall fitness on the back burner even more bc I’m all like, what’s the point!!! Loved this post girl!!!

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