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Posted on August 10, 2016

Girl Talk: Finding comfort during that time of the month


Gifts are usually a good except when they come monthly from our not so favorite gal pal Ms. Mother Nature. Out of curiosity, I googled the average number of cycles a woman has in her lifetime I was astonished to see a range of 350-450, WHAT. The older we get, the better we are at dealing with our cycles. Let’s chat about that annoying part of womanhood and a few products that help me get through.There have been times I wished women could have an automatic life pause when Flow comes for a visit, but we know things don’t work that way. Periods can leave us in pain, irritable bloated and just out of whack. I first got my menstrual cycle when I was nine years old. Yes, you read that correct 9, can you imagine. I’m now in my 30’s, so I’ve had plenty of time to figure this out. I have my Aunt Flow survival kit down to a science and these few products help keep me comfortable, calm, and pain-free when she’s trying to interrupt my life.

o.b. pro comfort tampons - #OBelievers

Banish the Breakouts:
For some of us pesky breakouts continued outside of the teenage years. Thankfully I know my skin very well now. I know what irritates my skin, and what works, so breakouts aren’t a real issue, except when the hormones are going crazy. If I stay on top of my skincare routine, the pimples are few and far between, but occasional hormonal breakouts still happen. About 15 years ago an esthetician recommended I add a rice powder to my skincare regime, especially the week before and during my cycle. I have to say along with at-home steam treatments that is one of the best skincare suggestions I ever received. A rice powder is a gentle polishing cleanser that exfoliates dry, dull skin and allows for better absorption of other skin care products. For the few times, a random period breakout does happen a bentonite clay mask will dry them right up. If you have followed this blog for a while, you see me mention this product all the time. The Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay mask is my ride or die and comes to the breakout rescue all the time.

o.b. pro comfort tampons - #OBelievers

Stocked & Ready:
I keep track of my periods using an app, so I usually know when to expect the visit. It goes without saying that protection is a must during that time of the month. The compact, discreet size of the o.b.® Pro Comfort tampons means I always have some on hand, no surprises here. Aunt flow can’t slow me down; I have things to do.  tampons expand all around to fit any body shape and the Fluid Lock® grooves keep me from worrying about accidents from leaks. The only tampons with a SilkTouch™ cover,  o.b.® Pro Comfort provides ultimate comfort and protection.

o.b. pro comfort tampons -heating pad

Comfort is Key:
Cramps, oh the cramps. I try not to take meds when possible and have gone back to basics when it comes to pain relief. A heating pad does wonders for me when it feels like ninjas are practicing their skills in my uterus and lower back. The warmth of heat therapy is not only comforting, but it increases blood flow which reduces tension. I prefer the good old fashion hot water bottle over the electric heating ones since I can sit or lay down anywhere with it and the added weight oddly adds extra comfort. This one I picked up a few years ago came with a cute knitted cover and stays hot longer than the electric one I was using. Every once in a while, I will feel heavier during this time. I make somewhat of an effort to increase my water intake. Drinking lots of good ole h20 releases water retention to help you feel less bloated.

With these few essentials, I can get through these few uncomfortable days each month with ease. What are some of your time of the month must haves?

o.b. pro comfort tampons - #OBelievers


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