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Posted on December 10, 2015

Winter Skin: 3 Tips for dealing with itchy, dry skin

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This time of year is always an adjustment. It’s not officially winter yet, but it’s just around the corner. Weather changes are already affecting my skin and the temperatures are not even that low here yet.

Cooler temps, wind, dry air and harsh soap are just a few sneaky contributors to dry itchy skin. We can combat these culprits with a few adjustments and be back to feeling comfortable. Today I’m sharing three ways I deal with itchy, dry skin in the winter.
Step 1: Adjust your shower routine; 
This is always the hardest change for me. I can’t get enough of steamy hot showers. The problem is as comforting as they feel, long hot showers can deplete moisture from the skin and worsen itchy dry skin. Two solutions for this are to turn down the temperature dial and swap out your soap or body wash. Dialing down the hot water to lukewarm water and taking care of business faster will help the skin retain moisture and natural oils.  Swapping out a harsh drying soap for a soothing body wash is a quick way to sooth itchy dry skin. My go to cleanser for winter is the Curél Itch Defense body wash; clinically proven to stop the itch before it starts. The soothing, soap free formula of the Curél Itch Defense wash blends gentle cleansers and skin conditioners for a body wash that won’t leave you dry or itching. Curel-Body-Wash
Step 2: Get a humidifier; 
Running the heat dries out the air and being that I am always cold my heat stays on high, I even have the fireplace going most evenings. In addition to some great health benefits using a humidifier also has some beauty benefits. Adding moisture back into the air will sooth dryness and re-hydrate skin for a more supple appearance. In the winter I pretty much run my all the time and have recently started some aromatherapy drops to it before bed for restful beauty sleep. 
 Curel Itch Defense Moisturizing Lotion
Step 3: Moisturize Inside and Out; 
Stay hydrated with plenty of water will help keep your skin balanced.  I don’t drink nearly as much water as I should, but I’m working on it.  My latest obsession is adding frozen blackberries and lemon slices to my water for a refreshing flavor boost. For the outside I turn to the Curél Itch Defense. I like that this soothing lotion is fragrance free, it doesn’t irritate my skin or clash with my perfume. The Curél Itch Defense lotion relieves dry itchy skin balances moisture levels and promotes cellular turnover. I can apply this lotion in the morning and feel moisturized and itch free all day.  
Curel Itch Defense
What are some ways you change your routine for better winter skin care? 
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