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Posted on October 23, 2015

Paula’s Choice Empties

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  • AllyMcBeagle

    I settled into a Paula’s Choice regimen using the Resist line with great success (and trial and error). At age 60, I was still experiencing very, very oily skin and acne. My acne is gone and my skin texture is dramatically improved and the oil is more under control. The Daily Pore Refining Treatment and Toner are my HGs. I substituted the Hydralight moisturizing gel for the Resist because the texture is better for me under makeup. It plays well with all primers! I alternate the 2 and 4% BHA, using the 2% every morning and 4% at night or less depending on my skin. I also use the Resist Retinol (crows feet *sighs* only) and 10% AHA, when needed. Also very pleased with the Clinical Redness Relief and the anti-aging lip gloss (a tad expensive). The mattifying lotion nor the serum worked for me as well as other brand but I always try PC before any other brand. I also find her advice and reviews very useful in selecting other products.

    • Glad you had good results with Paula’s Choice, I agree I appreciate being able to read her advice and reviews. Thanks for mentioning the Hydralight I’m going to order the sample Kit and see how I like some of that line.

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