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Posted on October 13, 2015

joeSCRUB|Natural Coffee Skin Scrub

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Exfoliation is a skin care basic for me, it’s just something I do like clockwork. I always keeps some sort of sugar or salt scrub in my shower, I have a mania with keeping my skin baby soft. Maybe it’s just a beauty blogger thing, or a beauty addict thing , but I’m always trying to get my Mr. to take better care of his skin. He has recently become somewhat of a skin care snob……..I created a monster there. He has pestered me to find him a good face scrub so when I received a package of the joeSCRUB face and body scrub I managed to coerce him into trying it with me.  natural coffee scrub
This is one of those times I wish you could smell through the screen. Hey coffee addicts you’re going to love this. As soon as you open the package of this scrub you’re met with the lovely aroma of coffee. Try to resist the urge to go brew a cup, this bag stays in the bathroom.  Jam packed with natural ingredients including organic coffee for firmness, detoxifying pink Himalayan salt, hydrating brown sugar and soothing coconut oil.  
 natural coffee scrub
The first time we used this scrub we just did our faces. I followed directions and wet my face really well, poured a little of the scrub into the pal of my hands and applied to my face in circular motions while bent over the sink. Someone else ummmhmm didn’t listen to me didn’t wet his face well and proceeded to try to scoop handfuls of the scrub out of the package and apply to his face. We both sat for about 12 minutes with the scrub on our faces. I had a few bits of scrub fall, someone else ummmhmmm complained then entire time about bits of scrub falling.  Maybe the fact that he kept talking contributed to more pieces falling, but I’ll keep my mouth shut on that. 
coffee face scrub-joescrub
After rinsing my face appeared refreshed and smooth and I was craving a cup of joe. The aroma of the scrub is so nice. My skin was not the least bit red or irritated. Although you can feel the grit of the scrub, it is effective without being overly harsh. The Mr. was also pleased with his skins condition after use, but still let me know how messy it was. The wash off process was easy and required little effort, the scrub dries somewhat but doesn’t harden so with low manipulation and water it rinsed easily. There is a bit of a mess in the skin but nothing a quick wipe down doesn’t take care of.   I have gone on to use this as a body scrub in shower which makes for less mess, although I skip letting it sit on the skin. 
 natural coffee scrub
The takeaway is, if you like the smell of coffee and want super smooth glowing skin, get to scrubbing with joescrub.  joeSCRUB is cruelty free and formulated without harsh chemicals, synthetic colors, parabens or formaldehyde. 
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What’s your favorite type of scrub? 
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