Picture of the Venta Airwasher in Living Room
Posted on October 15, 2015

Breathing Better: Venta Airwasher

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Has anyone seen Fall? I’m ready for cooler, crisp weather but today’s temperature is supposed to be 84°.  As someone who suffers with year round allergies air quality is something that affects me all the time. For others these issues are seasonal. Fall and Winter weather can bring drier air and lower humidity; these changes can affect both our breathing and our skin. 
We tend to think dry air becomes more of a problem in the winter months when the colder temperatures lead us to turning up the heat, but running the air conditioner can dry out a room as well.  When air lacks  humidity it can dry out mucous membranes causing nose and throat irritation, dry, itchy skin and aggravate asthma and allergies. Dehydrated skin can feel  uncomfortable and appear dull. Adding moisture back into the air can reduce some of these issues. 
Picture of the Venta Airwasher in Living Room
I have purchased many air purifiers and humidifier units over the years and never used them more than a few days. The ones I have tried in the past were all compact ones. The size of the smaller ones are not obtrusive but I found them less effective, and very noisy.  Some units also have filter you had to constantly change. 
Dust is one of my biggest allergy irritants, you can imagine how hard that is to control; dust is everywhere.   I have to make sure to vacuum and dust my home often. Pollen has become another major irritant for me since moving south, it is horrendous here for a few weeks. Literally everything is yellow.  The most annoying thing about my allergies is the sinus irritation and headaches. Let me tell you, constantly walking around with tissue and blowing  your nose is not cute, and the awful sinus headaches can really be debilitating. 
Venta Airwasher LW45

Venta Airwasher LW 45 (this unit is suitable for rooms up to 800sq. ft.) Dimensions 17.7 x 11.8 x 13.

I have had the Venta Airwasher Lw45 running in my living room for the past month and simply stated this thing works. The Venta Airwasher unit is an air purifier and humidifier in one. The Venta Airwasher is manufactured in Germany using green energy and made with recyclable material. The Airwasher works to humidify the dry air while also purifying it. Irritants such as pollen, dust, and bacteria are drawn out of the air and into the unit where they are washed though rotating disc’s, pure water is simultaneously evaporated.

Venta Airwasher Inside
See how it works; 

The Venta Airwasher runs relatively quite; after the first hour or so of running it we didn’t notice the sound anymore. There are no filters to  replace with this unit; you add fresh water as needed based on use and periodically rinse and clean the unit (every 10-14 days). Cleaning is quick and simple, you just empty any remaining old water, rinse, and add fresh water with a fresh additive treatment.  
I keep the unit running most of the time since we are in the living room often. I’ve had significant improvement with my allergies over the past few weeks. I am no longer congested and blowing my nose and I have not had one sinus headache. For someone who was popping Excedrin Sinus like candy this is a HUGE relief for me.  I did have a migraine the past few days but other than that I have felt much better.  I’m now considering purchasing a second unit for the bedroom.  The Venta Airwasher has been a great addition to our home, it works and doesn’t take up a huge amount of space. My only wish is more color options so it can blend a bit easier into the decor, but with my great results I can let that slide.  With all the yuck and germs in the air, I am happy at least at home our air quality is improved.  The Venta Airwasher is a worthwhile investment toward better breathing. 
Do you suffer with any breathing problems or allergies? 
 Venta Airwasher
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Availability: venta-airwasher.com 
Price: $399.99 (LW 45 model)  

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  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    Sounds like a great product for allergy sufferers like me. Fortunately, mine is built into my heating & cooling system but if I didn’t have one, I’d consider something like this for sure

    • That’s great yours is built in. It’s something I’ll be looking for in our next house.

  • That’s an interesting device! I don’t have anything like that, but I’ve been thinking of investing in some kind of air purifier.

  • Aleya Bamdad

    I don’t have a problem during the summer but could use this during the winter. Sounds like it’s a big help.

    • Winter air can be so dry, any moisture helps.

    • A Venta Airwasher would definitely be a big help, Aleya! We hope you’ll give us a toll-free call at 888-333-8218 so we can answer any questions you have and get you set up with an Airwasher for this Fall and Winter. We look forward to speaking with you and welcoming you to the Venta Family soon!

  • My husband’s nose is always stuffed up. I wonder if something like this would help him feel better. That, or maybe having fewer dogs, and a wife who dusts more often…

    • Stuffy noses are the worst. It’s hard to keep up with the dust, who has time to worry about it daily.

  • During the winter we used to suffer. This time around not so much. I didn’t even notice the airwasher in the first pic. It blends in well with your decor.

  • I need one of these in my sons room! Great review

  • I wonder if this would help me here in Tampa.

  • I have an air purifer that I use rarely.

  • marciaf

    We have an air purifier in our bedroom since the dog sleeps in there. I’d love to have another downstairs too.

    • They are such an investment, but we are thinking of getting at least one more.

  • Harshleen

    This sounds great! My hubby has been looking for an air purifier so we will check it out.

  • I need an air purified for my frequently stuffy nose.

  • This would be great for my asthma and my boyfriend’s allergies!!

  • this sounds great. i would like to put something like this in my bedroom.

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