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Posted on September 21, 2015

Skin Recovery with Neocutic Bio-Gel

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The weekend has come and gone, too soon I might add. Things have been pretty slow here in the Beauty Lounge, not that I haven’t been suing a ton of products but the past few months have been a bit crazy for me. I’m hoping to get back into the swing of regular posting again and I thank those of you who have stuck with me.  My skin care has been on point this summer, HIGH FIVE for that. One of my biggest goals was to get a handle on my breakouts, mission accomplished on that front. I’ll be sharing more about what helped me get the hormonal breakouts under control my other main skin concern is hyper-pigmentation and fading these dang dark spots. Honestly the dark spots are the main reason I wear fuller coverage foundations,  I want them GONE. 
One treatment that has been especially effective for me in treating the post acne hyper-pigmentation has been chemical peels. I alternate stronger peels that I have done at my dermatologist office and milder peels I do myself at home. The only down side to peels and microdermabrasion which my dermatologist also recommended I start having done regularly, is the down time. My skin is temperamental and sensitive and the peels although very effective take their toll. The better ones I’ve had required at least a week of healing time, and frankly I don’t have time for that.  If there is a skin care product that can solve one or more of my skin care needs I’m down to try it. 
 Neocutic Bio-Gel -LovelySkin
The  Neocutis Bio-Gel with PSP formerly known as Neocutis Bio-Gel Bio Restorative Hydrogel with PSP is a skin care gel that combines the power of PSP with hyaluronic acid to combat the appearance of lines and wrinkles and sooth stressed skin.  PSP; Processed Skin Proteins is a blend of proteins which included human growth factors. After a chemical treatment my skin is definitely stressed and this miracle gel is what I turn to for relief and to aid in healing. 
 Neocutic Bio-Gel -LovelySkin
This serum has a powder gel like formula when dispensed that melts wonderfully into the skin providing instant soothing relief. The formula is lightweight, moisturizing  and not greasy.  Post peel I used this gel both morning and night following a gentle cleanser, my recovery time improved dramatically. This gel reduced the redness and irritation I would usually experience after a peel. When using this gel after the stronger chemical peels my recovery time was cut in half and when used with my milder peels I had almost no recovery time. I use the at home peels in the evening followed by the Neocutis Bio-Gel and in the morning my skin appears normal. Peeling and redness are not an issue post peel anymore which I am very thankful for. Prior to using the gel my red would be red, irritated and peeling for a few days to the point where I couldn’t wear makeup. 
This gel really is dual purpose; not only does it aid in heeling post procedures it is also an effective anti-aging treatment. Benefits of the Neocutis Bio-Gel also include reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Great to have on hand, the men can use it also. If your Mr. has skin irritation post shaving you can let him use this. 
Neocutic Bio-Gel -LovelySkin

**Neocutis Bio-Gel (with PSP) offers the same anti-aging benefits of Bio-Cream for oily and acne-prone skin. This lightweight gel hydrates skin while correcting the signs of aging. The advanced ingredients in this gel diminish fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots while improving skin elasticity. PSP, the key ingredient in Neocutis Bio-Gel is a proprietary blend of growth factors, cytokines and interleukins. With continued use, this lightweight gel nourishes aged, damaged and stressed skin.  Minimize the signs of aging and restore elasticity with Neocutis Bio-Gel (with PSP).

  • PSP smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hyaluronic acid nourishes and refreshes stressed skin
  • The oil-free formula prevents acne breakouts and excessive shine
  • Ideal for normal to oily skin

Price: $165.00 (1fl oz.) 

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LovelySkin: Neocutic Bio-Gel

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