illuMask Anti-Aging Light Therapy
Posted on August 16, 2015

illuMask anti-aging light therapy

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I don’t want to age, there I said it. Sometimes I feel a bit superficial saying that, but whatever, it’s true. I think part of the reason I’ve been obsessed with skincare is because I want to slow down the signs of aging for as long as possible. This year alone I have discovered three grey hairs and I’m already freaking out.
The past few years I have definitely noticed changes in my skin, it is not as smooth and radiant as it once was. I want that youthful glow back.
Thank goodness I have been very proactive when it comes to anti-aging skin care. I started altering the products I used in my late twenties. I don’t have real wrinkles now but I notice there are fine lines creeping in around my eyes and smile lines around my mouth.
I will use and excuse for a spa day or even a dermatologist visit for some treatments; but honey those costs add up. I’m all for alternating spa splurges and pricey dermatologist appointments for little things I can do at home. I would rather save that money for other things.
illuMask Anti-Aging Light Therapy
I first noticed the illuMask in stores about a year ago, and I can’t tell you how many times I walked past the display thinking it was just another gimmick, WRONG. Before trying out a mask I couldn’t believe something so inexpensive could give real results. After using the illuMask for the past month I found out just how wrong I was.
The illuMask is an anti-aging light therapy mask that visibly reduces the signs of aging. The mask which does not use UV light is safe for normal, dry, oily and sensitive skin types.
*The Science of Light TherapySkin cell turnover is a key to younger looking skin. Red and infrared light are known to penetrate into skin tissue, and the light energy stimulates an enzyme that acts as a skin cell booster to drive cell turnover and repair. This regeneration leads to collagen and elastic production. Increased collagen and elastic help create skin that is firmer, smoother and more even-tones, with reduced fine line and wrinkles.illuMask Anti-Aging Light Therapy 

The illuMask fit right in with my skincare routine and allowed me to get 15 minutes of wind down time.  Most days I used the mask in the evening, but there were a few times that when I didn’t get enough sleep I would use it in the am. When I haven’t been drinking enough water and I don’t sleep well it shows on my face in the form of under eye puffiness; therefore, using the mask in the morning gave me instant results by reducing the appearance of the under eye puffiness. Over time by using the mask daily, my skin is smoother, firmer and my hyperpigmentation spots are starting to fade.
Benefits of the illuMask Therapy

  • Illumask only uses safe, gentle, and effective NON UV light
  • Illumask will leave no irritation, side effects or downtime
  • Illumask is an FDA cleared medical device
  • It’s as easy to use as pushing a button!
  • The longer you use Illumask, the better the results (part of your daily skin care regimen)
  • Red & infrared light is known to stimulate collagen and elastin production, softening fine lines and wrinkles and evening out skin tone

Each mask comes with a controller that holds 30 treatments, there is a counter on the controller that keeps track of which treatment you are on.

illuMask Anti-Aging Light Therapy


Using the illumask enhanced the effects of my skin care. In the evening I would go through my normal routine of makeup removal and cleansing. I would then mist my face with whichever essence or toner I was using followed by my nighttime serum and/or oil. Once my products were applied, I would sit with the illumask on for 15 minutes.  You can set a timer if you want but the lights on the mask will automatically shut off. Sitting with the mask on for the 15 minutes was relaxing for me and most times if I could manage to clear my head, I would start to fall asleep.

illuMask Anti-Aging

I have to say after just about four weeks ( I have three treatments left in this controller) I am pleasantly surprised at my results and plan to continue using the mask. I am excited to see what my skin looks like after 90 day use. So check back in for some before and after photos.

Have you ever used light therapy as part of your skin care routine?

Cost: 30 daily treatments $29.97
Availability: Walmart

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