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Finding Balance with Tula Probiotic Skincare

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I’m not sure if I will ever stick to one skin care regime. I am such a skin care junkie that as new products are launched I cannot wait to try them. The good thing about being a crazy product junkie is, over the years I have discovered many wonderful items. My list of favorites is ever growing and there are many brands that I repurchase and rotate into my routine.
I never really paid that much attention to Probiotics until a few years ago. As we age these things become more of a focus and for a short time Probiotics were all a buzz in the food world from yogurt to drinks. The body is full of bacteria, Probiotics are basically good for you live bacteria and yeast.  Probiotics are most known for being the good bacteria that helps keep the digestive system healthy and balanced. The first thing that came to mind when I heard about Probitoics for the skin was,  I hope this does not involve smearing yogurt on my face, thankfully it did not. Dr. Roshini Raj the creator of Tula has developed a skin care line that harnesses the power of probiotics with a unique blend of ingredients.  Probiotic-Skin-Care-Tula
Using priobiotics topically strengthen skins defense and rebalance the skins ph level. A healthy balance of good bacteria can help the skin fight against free radical damage, allergens and other environmental factors. Probiotics help calm inflammation and form a protective barrier while also hydrating, improving elasticity, and reducing sun damage. 
If you follow me on instagram, back in April I mentioned the Tula serum in a post showing some recent favorites.  My somewhat temperamental, combination oily skin had great results with the entire Tula line. I’m nearing the end of a few of the products, and thought now would be a good time to do a full post on everything I tried.  
*All Tula products contain a proprietary blend of important ingredients:
  • Probiotics, including yogurt and milk extracts
  • Nutripeptides, from hydrolyzed rice
  • Vitamins, including A, E, C in a special delivery system
  • Anti-Oxidants, including Turmeric, White Tea and Blueberry Extract
  • Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids, derived from Wild Flax Oil

Tula Purifying Face Cleanser 6.7 oz  $28.00

The cleanser dispenses as a semi-thick gel but emulsifies into a nice soft foam. A little goes a long way but I would rate it a B for makeup removal. If you have been with my blog for a while you know I typically double cleanse when wearing foundation, so I did refer to remove makeup separately. I don’t like to waste good skin cleansers trying to get makeup off.  Tula Purifying Face Cleanser
Tula Illuminating Face Serum 1.7 oz $78.00
This serum has a nice silky feel, absorbs completely leaving a nice luminous glow to the skin. Dullness is no longer an issue, I wish it had some spf because I love the healthy dewy glow it leaves me with, some days I don’t want to put anything over it.   Tula Illuminating Face Serum
Tula Hydrating Day & Night Cream 1.7 oz $52.00
This moisturizer is ultra hydrating, and dry areas will just drink this up. Although wrinkles are not a major concern for me, I do have some fine lines and darkness around my eyes. I love this eye cream, it is just rich enough to hydrate and plump under the eye but it is not heavy.  Tula Night Cream-Eye Cream
Tula Revitalizing Eye Cream .5 oz $52.00
One of the best eye creams I have used in a while, hydrated and brightens my under eye with no greasy or heaviness. 
The Tula products really did a wonderful job at balancing my skin, the oil was much more regulated after a few days use.  Some mornings after using the serum and eye cream, I didn’t feel the need for moisturizer. The products all have a nice clean, fresh scent, and no they don’t smell like yogurt.  My skin responded well to the entire line and I would purchase each. I did have two standout favorites though, the Illuminating Face Serum and Revitalizing Eye Cream are both AMAZING. I’m nearing the end of the eye cream jar and I may have wept just a little, definitely placing an order. 
Have you ever used a Probiotic topically? 
Tula products are free of: Parabens/Mineral oil/Petrolatum/Phthalates/Propylene Glycol.  Tula does not test on animals
For more on Tula visit them at tulaforlife.com & follow on Facebook//Instagram//Twitter 
* Wording from brand 
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  • TinaBowling

    I’m really interested in trying Tula, sounds like it would work for me. I also have a love for skincare and have a long list of “to try” products so hoping to squeeze in this trial soon!

  • I’m like you, I just have to “try all the things” when it comes to skin care. This line sounds interesting though!

  • I’m not skincare loyal, either. I have a few tried and true products but I’m happy to bounce around and try new things. I’ve never tried skin care with probiotics in it.

  • I’ve never used probiotics in skincare, but I have taken them orally. Tula sounds like a good brand.

  • The Day and Night cream sounds awesome

  • marciaf

    I’ve used probiotics for stomach problems but never realized it could be a topical product too.

  • I use probiotics for my acid reflux but never even considered it for my skin!

  • FabZilla_Kath

    I love the packaging, they look very soothing.

  • The day and night cream sounds awesome. I take probiotics daily in pill form not only for my skin but it helps with my depression. I think this would be awesome for my skin 🙂

  • Anything to make my skin look like yours! It’s so beautiful!

  • Tula is really a great brand and the scent is amazing.

  • Justina

    I’ve never tried this brand!

  • Lisa Marie Heath

    I’ve actually never heard of this brand! It sounds great!

  • I’ve never thought about topical probiotics before. Very interesting, and it sounds like it works wonderfully!

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