Foreo Luna
Posted on July 1, 2015

Foreo Luna

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You would have a pretty hard time convincing me that skin care cleansing brushes are not worth having. We know that in the beauty world many times new devices hit the market and they are nothing more than useless gimmicks. Not the case with some of the cleansing devices.  Cleansing devices simply just amp up our cleansing, they are able to get deeper into the skin and pores than our hands could. So call me a believer and honey I have tried a ton of them, from brush head devices like the clarisonic to konjac sponges and frankly my skincare routine is not complete without one. When I first started using cleansing devices or sponges my skin went through the purge breakout and I freaked, but once that passed the difference in my skin was noticeable. 

Foreo Luna

I have been curious about the Foreo Luna for a long time but felt skeptical about how well a silicone material could really aid in my face cleaning. This tool is so different from anything I have ever used, but I’m happy to report that I am now obsessed. The Foreo Luna is a sonic cleansing device and massaging anti-aging tool in one. 

The Luna is dual sided; one side of the Luna is for cleansing  the other side is an anti-aging massage. The cleansing side features soft-silicone nodules, the multi-speed device uses low-frequency sonic pulses.  The Luna has an interesting feeling, nothing like the harshness of the brush head type cleansing devices. When I wash my face with the Luna it’s relaxing, the sensation is somewhat invigorating, the exfoliation is gentle but effective. I noticed a difference in my immediately, yes after the very first use I was in owe, my face was incredibly soft and radiant. Over time using the Luna my pores are clearer and my dry patches are cleared.  The Luna is gentle enough that I have been able to use it daily with no adverse effects. 

Foreo Luna

How to use: 

Apply cleanser to the face , wet the Luna and turn it on, the device will pulsate when it’s time to move to the next area. Cleanse for 1 minute. Rinse face, turn the Luna around to the anti-aging side and use on the wrinkle prone areas.

The although the initial cost may seem a but on the high side the Luna is a one time investment, there are no replacement brush heads to purchase.  The Luna is available in three models; Sensitive/Normal Skin, Combination Skin, and Ultra Sensitive Skin. My skin is combination oily but can be temperamental so to be on the safe side I went with the Sensitive/Normal Skin model. 

The Foreo Luna is an effective, chic, stylish game changing cleansing tool, a worthwhile investment in better skin. 

Price: $199, Luna Mini $139 
Availability: Sephora, and various other retailers. 

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