DIY Marble Tray
Posted on July 7, 2015

DIY Marble Tray

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I have been on the hunt for a nice tray for my vanity and Alex drawer for a long time now. Either the ones I find just don’t match the style I’m looking for,  or they are unnecessarily expensive . On a random trip to Lowes to pick up some home supplies, I spotted some marble tiles that weren’t sold by the box and decided I would attempt to make my own marble tray.  This DIY version cost me less than $25 to make and took about 30 minutes.  

DIY Marble Tray

Supplies needed:
Piece of marble 
Handles these are straight bar style kitchen cabinet pulls also from Lowes
Industrial Strength Adhesive
Package vinyl Bumpers
Measuring tape or Ruler

Turn the piece of marble over and mark where you want the bumpers (feet)
 DIY Marble Tray

Once you have the placement marked apply the bumpers, these are self adhesive but for extra hold I applied a dot of the E600 industrial strength adhesvice as well. 
DIY Marble Tray
Turn the tile over and mark where you want your handles 
DIY Marble Tray
Apply a dot of adhesive 
DIY Marble Tray
Place your bars, press down to set
DIY Marble Tray
Use a q-tip to clean up any excess adhesive and allow to dry. 
DIY Marble Tray

That’s it! Now you can decorate your new tray and place on your dresser, counter or vanity. 

DIY Marble Tray

Cost breakdown (I purchased all material at Lowes);
6 x 6 marble tile $3.15
Vinyl square bumpers 12 pack $2.98
2 3″ Stainless Steel Pull Bars $11.94
E-600 Industrial Adhesive $3.99
+ tax my total cost was $24.05

What do you think of this DIY project? 

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  • That’s a lovely-looking tray! I’d never guess it cost you only $25 in materials, and it looks very well-done.

  • That looks so neat!

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    Great idea! I need to get a storage unit first, but then I’ll do this. And I don’t need the pull bars since I don’t move it once it’s in place so even less $. Thanks for this wonderful project!

  • that is such a cool tray!

  • This is perfect for your beauty items!

  • This is SO creative. I love it!

  • Very cool! I want to try this!

  • Mai

    See this sounds perfect for if I want to use a marble background for photos!

  • You did a great job, it looks nice!

  • marciaf

    What a great idea. I never think about DIY but I should after seeing how easy this was for you.

  • Norah Salazar

    Wow you did an amazing job!

  • That is so cute and what I great idea! It looks fab on your table!!

  • FabZilla_Kath

    Quick and easy DIY! Thanks for sharing

  • So cute! I hope the adhesive holds tight to those handles!

  • Kelly Chambers

    Beautiful!! Will definitely be trying this! Thanks for the great idea.

  • Justina

    What an awesome project! I love the way it turned out.

  • This came out perfect- great DIY!

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