Posted on July 9, 2015

5 Must Have Items that Can Fit In Your Pocket!

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5 Pocket Size Must Haves
1. Mints/Gum: I always have some sort of breath mint or chewing gum on hand.  Altoids have always been a go to because they pack a powerful punch and will quickly freshen up the mouth after the most garlic laden meal. 
2. Lip Balm: My lips are notoriously dry and I must have some form of lip balm or chapstick with me at all times. This Weleda Everon Lip Balm is a recent discovery and new favorite of mine. It keeps my lips soft and hydrated.  In a pinch this stick type lip balm can double as an eyebrow tamer or even a cuticle stick. 
3. Hand Cream: Dry hands is one of my pet peeves, I need my hands to feel soft and moisturized at all times.  At work and on the go a lot of restroom soaps can be harsh and drying on the hands so I keep a healing hand cream on hand. The indigo hand cream from Tatcha is one of my favorites, you can read more about it here
Tatcha Indigo Hand Cream4. Feminine Products: Let’s face it when it comes to that time of the month we need to be prepared.  I need to have my supplies with me. The new Tampax pocket pearls are available at Target, and make taking care of that business easy and discreet with their portability. The Built in backup braid channels leaks back into the core, so I can feel confident that I am protected. 
Tampax Pocket Pearl 5. Lip Gloss: I’m not a big lipstick girl especially in the summer, but I can’t be without my gloss. Even on no makeup days adding some gloss can perk up my look. My current summer go to is Be Legendary by Smashbox, the formula is moisturizing and not sticky so I don’t worry about it in the heat. 
Smashbox Lip Gloss
At the park, out shopping or even at work I can carry these items in my pocket or in a clutch/wristlet and discreetly have access to my essentials. 
What are some of your favorite pocket sized must haves? 

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