Best Buy Wedding Registry
Posted on June 6, 2015

Creating Experiences: Best Buy Wedding Registry

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Wedding planning can be both fun and very stressful. One of the planning activities that couples can have a little fun with is setting up their gift registries. Wedding gifting has changed over the years, back in the day there were probably a handful of stores that people registered at. As times change couples now have more options when it comes the types of gifts they register for. I can bet the men will be happy to hear that Best Buy has now joined in on offering a wedding registry service. 

Best Buy Wedding Registry


Although many couples still register for the “starting a home” gifts more and more couples are now looking at building experiences.  With stores like Best Buy opening up into the wedding registry service couples can allow their gift giving guests to help them obtain products that support them building their lives together and creating memorable moments. 

Best Buy may not have been the first store to pop in your head when thinking about where you want to register, but they actually have a large selection of items beyond the basic electronics.  Think about the type of experiences you and your partner want to create and Best Buy is sure to have something that fits. One feature I love about the Best Buy Wedding registry service is the Group Gifting option, what a handy way to register for the bigger ticket items you need while allowing guests to contribute based on their budget.  Any item on your registry priced at $200 or more is automatically eligible and buyers can click a “contribute’ button and enter the amount they wish to give. 

I love the idea of thinking about items needed to begin your life of new experiences when creating your registry. I’m not at the stage in my own wedding planning yet of creating the registry but now that I know Best Buy has this service we will be taking advantage of it. I started thinking about things we like to do as a couple and how I could incorporate some of the things we want and need into our registry. My fiance and I are wanting a destination wedding and with that comes a lot of sight seeing. This was the inspiration for my first board of gift ideas for the Traveling couple. 
Best Buy Wedding Registry
In the kitchen is where I am most relaxed. In the early days of our relationship my fiance and I spent a lot of time cooking together.  We are both foodies and creating new fun and healthy meals is always exciting. Best Buy has a ton of gift options for the couple who loves to cook and eat. Everything from appliances to wine openers can be added to your registry. 

Best Buy Wedding Registry

Entertaining and movie nights in are two things we both enjoy.  It is just understood the during Football season Saturdays are reserved to watch the Alabama Crimson Tide and that means watch party’s are a regular thing. There are a ton of great items available at Best Buy that we can add to our registry to make entertaining fun and comfortable. 

Best Buy Wedding Registry

 Creating your registry at Best Buy is simple and easy, they now even have an app that you can download and easily add item online or while shopping in store.  Click here to get started and let your friends and family help gift you items to build a lifetime of magical memories. 

* I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card.

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