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Posted on June 8, 2015

Sample Designer Fragrances with Scentbird

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Every time I want to upgrade my perfume stash I get overwhelmed with so many choices. I’m definitely that girl that pulls the sample cards out of my magazines and rubs the scented paper on my skin to sample. One use of a perfume that came from rubbing waxy paper on my skin isn’t enough for me to make a decisions. I love getting my beauty subscription boxes in the mail each month, it feels like a little surprise gift each time one arrives. A gift I’m paying for, but a treat none the less.  
Scent Bird  Fragrance Subscription
When I heard about Scentbird, a monthly fragrance subscription box I was intrigued. I often order fragrance samples with my beauty order from places like Sephora and Ulta but they don’t always have a selection of scents I know I want to try. Scentbird solves that problem by allowing you to choose from over 300 designer fragrances, try before you commit to a full size.  The design of the sample vial in the case makes these samples perfect for traveling; I don”t worry about the sample vial coming open in my bag. 
How it works;
  • Take the quiz to get personalized recommendations;
  • Make your fragrance selection, pick from 350+ designer fragrances;
  • Get your 30 day supply .27oz/8ml spray (The first months selection comes with a luxury case, the next month you will get a refill).  
I have a list of scents I have been wanting to try and after taking the quiz I chose Bvlgari mon jasmin Noir L’Eau Exquise.  I have been using the sample on and off and really like this fragrance. 
Price: $14.95 month 
Are you ready to give this subscription a try? Use code SCENT25 to save 25% off your first perfume. 

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