Suave Hair Products at Save-a-Lot
Posted on May 7, 2015

Save on Suave at Save a Lot



My house has always been the house that everyone wants to stay at when they visit from out of town.  Being the happy homemaker I am, I welcome the company and always make sure to have extra toiletries on hand.  It is known among my family that when they are visiting my place they can pack light because I’ll definitely have the essentials here for them. Suave hair care products have been among the brands I typically reach for when restocking the stash for guests. 

Suave is a brand I like because I don’t have to sacrifice quality with an affordable price. I was thrilled to find out I could save even more now that Suave is available at Save a Lot. There isn’t a Save a Lot in my town but there is one about 15 minutes away and it’s on the way to a shopping center I like to visit. 

Suave Hair Products at Save-a-Lot

I was pleasantly surprised at the health and beauty selection at Save a Lot. The store I stopped in was small, but they had a nice variety of items and I was happy to see the Suave products as well as Dove.  

I know you will be pleased with the health and beauty items available at your local save a lot ! To help you save even more I am giving away a $25 gift card.  

Click here to see if there is a Save-A-Lot store in your area. Follow Save-A-Lot on Facebook // Twitter // Pinterest 

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$25 Save a Lot Gift Card

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