Missame Synthetic Bamboo Handle Makeup Brush Set (Cruelty Free)
Posted on April 20, 2015

Missame Synthetic Makeup Brush Set


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How many makeup brushes is too many to have? I’m not sure there is a right or wrong answer here. I would venture to say the average makeup lover needs at least two sets of their favorites. Those of us that are a little more obsessed need at least three, or four, heck there is no such thing as too many who am I kidding. If your brush stash could use an upgrade or a few new additions you are going to love the set I’m showing you today from Missame.

Missame Synthetic Bamboo Handle  Makeup Brush Set (Cruelty Free)

When it comes to makeup there are a few things that I feel have an affect on a look. Of course a good skin skin routine is one but tools are another. The right brushes can make a huge difference in how your products apply.  Synthetic brushes absorb less product than natural brushes making them great for use with liquid and cream products such as concealer and foundation.  The plush fibers of the Missame bamboo brush set were dense without being rough and did a good job of distributing product evenly for a nice finish.

Missame Synthetic Bamboo Handle  Makeup Brush Set (Cruelty Free)

Have you ever had a set of brushes with cheap handles? I have had my fair share so I was glad to see that this set from Missame features nice solid bamboo handles. I have washed this set of bushes three times already and they look great, no shedding at all and they retain their shape.

Missame Synthetic Bamboo Handle  Makeup Brush Set (Cruelty Free)

This set comes nicely packaged in a lightweight satin fabric pouch making them easy and neat for travel. The brushes come in plastic sleeves and I should not there was a slight chemical smell when I first opened it. The smell disappeared from the pouch after a day or two of it sitting on my vanity and the brushes had no smell after I washed them. I gave them a quick clean with Dawn dish soap before the first use.

Missame Synthetic Bamboo Handle  Makeup Brush Set (Cruelty Free)

The Missame 10 peice syntheic brush set includes:
– Flat top brush
– Kabuki brush
– Contouring brush
– Foundation brush
– Oval blush brush
– Dome blending brush
– Angled eye brush
– Concealer brush
– Tapered smudge brush
– Angled liner brush
– A brush guide explaining function of each brush

I have to say I was pretty impressed with this set. The quality is excellent for the price, and better than some more well known sets I have tried. Although I love the whole 10 piece set for me the two standouts are the contouring brush and the Kabuki bush.  I don’t contour everyday but I also use that brush to blend out the powder I use to set my under eye concealer. These brushes blend powder like a dream, seriously flawless finish.

Missame Synthetic Bamboo Handle  Makeup Brush Set (Cruelty Free)

This Missame makeup brush set is available on amazon and has a list price of $99.99 it is currently selling for $39.97 and at that price you better run and grab one because they are a quality steal at that price point. Good quality makeup brushes for  just under $4 a brush, SAY WHAT! Go ahead and add them to your Amazon cart. 


** I received a sample of the product mentioned, all opinions are my own.

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