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Posted on March 22, 2015

Get silky smooth legs for summer

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I almost cannot believe it is Spring already. Here in the South it was snowing a few weeks ago and then pow last week we got up to 80º.  I am not complaining though, I am so ready to trade wool pants and boots for capri pants  and sandals. Gillette Venus Razor

I hope I am not the only one who slacks a bit on my shaving during the winter. I don’t think the Mr. would like to cuddle with Sasquatch so I don’t let it get that bad, but I definitely don’t keep up with it daily.  Now that the weather is warming up I want my legs to be silky smooth everyday and ready to soak up the sun.  These 3 steps help keep my legs soft, silky, and sexy for summer.

 Gillette Venus Razor Gillette Venus Razor

Exfoliate: I exfoliate my skin pretty regularly anyway, but I always do it before I shave. Exfoliating will help remove any old dead skin cells. For a light to mild exfoliation that won’t irritate the skin I like to use a sugar scrub.  This lavender scented sugar scrub by Whish is nice because the scent is relaxing and they don’t use oil, so there is no mess.  I get a light exfoliation from this formula which makes it perfect for before shaving. Whish uses a mix with with brown sugar, raspberry seed, and organic bamboo powder. The Vitamin E extract and organic avocado oil nourish the skin.

Shave: Once you have tried to save a few bucks and bought a cheep razor, you quickly learn they are not all created equal.  I never knew I would be so razor picky. I want a nice, close, clean shave in one to two passes, and I don’t want to irritate my skin.  I made the mistake once of doing a quick rush shave on dry skin . My skin was so uncomfortable after, I will never do that again.  The Gillette Venus with a touch of Olay Violet Swirl has 5x more moisturizers than the traditional shave cream and preps the skin for the razor.

The new Gillette® Venus Swirl™ is the first razor that features a Flexiball for a flawless shave. Traditional razors only move in two directions, but the Venus Swirl moves in multiple directions for a closer shave and less missed spots.  Don’t you hate when you would miss a spot around the knees and ankles. Gillette Venus Swirl

Moisturize: My skin tends to be on the dry side,  so after shaving I want to replenish some moisture and sooth the skin. I like to use a combination of body butters and oils on my skin, even in the warmer months. When my legs are showing I want to make sure they are going to stay moisturized throughout the day. There is also something nice about legs that glisten and have a healthy glow, they look more defined in your summer skirts.  I absolutely love the Shea Souffle from Carol’s Daughter, the sunflower seed, coconut and soybean oils leave my skin feeling soft and nourished.  Bonus that it does not contain mineral oil so it is actually helping my dry skin and not jut masking it. After massaging in the body butter I add a little bit of oil to seal in all the moisture and give the skin a glow. I’m currently using the Sculpt coconut avocado body oil.  The sculpt oil soothes and softens the skin, improves the texture and clarity and leaves a glowing complexion without being heavy or greasy.

Why wait for a sale? With Walmart’s everyday low prices, you can save money on the beauty must-haves you want like the new Gillette® Venus Swirl™. Let’s face it we need to put all the money we save into a new summer wardrobe right! Walmart and I want to help you get your legs summer ready but giving you a $20 Gift Card to pick up the new Gillette Venus Swirl and Gillette Venus Olay Violet Swirl Shave Gel.  Learn more about the new Venus Swirl with FlexiBall from Gillette at

$20 Walmart gift card

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  • I did not know that Whish made a sugar scrub! I’m in love with the Gillette Venus Swirl.

  • Deborah Gardner

    I want to see how it works around my bony knees!

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