Posted on February 19, 2015

New Year, New Skin with Skin INC.

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I have always had a fixation with skin care, there was even a time I wanted to be a dermatologist. From a young age I have always tried to take good care of my skin. If I had to choose one, my biggest skin “sin” would be not sticking with the same routine. Always on the hunt for the “holy grail” I don’t think I could ever be content with one routine. This fixation I have leads me to have a need to always want to try the “NEW”. The new product, the new technique, the new device. Luckily more often than not I discover some great products in my adventures with the new and have only had a few products that don’t make into the repurchase lineup.SKIN INC Get Glowin' Set Bottles

Even though my fixation itself isn’t new it has changed a bit since I proudly joined the over 30 club. When I look at the women in my family they all have amazing skin and don’t look anywhere near their age. Good genes is part of the equation, good eating habits is another piece and good skin care completes the puzzle. Genes are out of my control, and I am still working on the eating habits, but the good skin care part, yup I’m all over that.

With award show season in full swing I always like to tune in to watch the red carpet arrivals, the dresses the makeup I LOVE to see the stars all done up. One of the trends I have been noticing is that heavy over the top makeup is out and subtle, focused looks are in. Yes, we still see a dramatic smoky eye or a bold lip but the skin is not covered up with caked on layers of makeup. Glowing skin is the start of the look, and let’s just be real great skin makes the perfect canvas for any makeup look.

 Whether you are prepping for a big event or date night SKIN INC has you covered with the Get Glowin’ Kit.


Prep, Nourish, and Perfect with this quick and easy system that will leave you with soft glowing skin and no down time. My skin has some challenges, I’m dealing with dullness, congestion and some dark spots, anything that will help me slough off dead skin and help brighten I’m all over it.  In addition to masks and peels, serums have seriously been giving me LIFE. I started adding serums to my skincare routine a few years ago and wish I would have started sooner, life changing. If you are over 30 and not using a serum, ladies get with it, and add one.

women's hand holding skin inc  brightening serum bottle

Even though I am not gracing the red carpet any time soon, I still sometimes prep for date night as if I was a movie star. Darling, there is nothing wrong with a little get ready pampering.

woman applying skin inc brightening serum in hand The first time I used the Get Glowin’ Kit from SKIN INC I was AMAZED; you know when you try a product and you are so blown away you immediately go to their site to see what else they have, yeah I was that type of blown away. With the first use I could already see and most importantly feel a difference. The pure revival peel started taking things off my face immediately, and I exfoliate regularly and use my clarisonic a few times a week so I didn’t expect much to come off…….I was wrong.

I followed the peel with the brightening serum which contains one of my favorite skin care ingredients Hyaluronic Acid. I started looking for products with Hyaluronic Acid a while ago and now I am hooked, it is the best for long lasting hydration.

The pure snow white mask is perfect for regular use a few times a week and I’m sure with continued use I can banish those pesky dark spots.

SKIN INC Peel, Mask, Serum Set

Prep: Pure Revival Peel (0.64 Fl. Oz.): Revolutionary non-abrasive peel that visibly but gently removes dullness and dead skin cells. Preps skin to absorb nutrients and repairs even while it exfoliates. Suitable for sensitive or acne / blemish prone skin. The perfect first step of your mini-facial. 

Nourish: Custom-Blended Brightening Serum (0.34 Fl. Oz.): Treat those pesky skin issues with this custom-blend of Vitamin A, Chlorella and Hyaluronic Acid, formulated with Skin Inc’s patented encapsulation technology. Vitamin A brightens skin tone & treats under eye concerns, Chlorella tackles dark spots & hyper pigmentation while Hyaluronic Acid deeply hydrates skin. 

Seal: Brightening (Snow White) Mask (0.64 Fl. Oz.): A revolutionary mask that reduces pigmentation and minimizes pores for visibly even-toned, bright skin in just one use. Only available as a part of this kit.The final step in your mini-facial and you’re ready for Glowing Skin! 

If you have sensitive skin like me you don’t have to worry, I had no irritation whatsoever which is important for me. I don’t want to worry about having a red or irritated face for days after doing a peel or other skin care treatment. The SKIN INC products are potent yet pure with 0% added scent & 0 parabens. 100% made in Japan, SKIN INC is suitable for all skin types; acne prone and sensitive skin included.

 I’m looking forward to trying out more products from SKIN INC and finding my perfect match for “I woke up like this” flawless skin.


Price: $65
Availability: Sephora/SKIN INC

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*I was provided with samples of the products featured, all opinions are my own.


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  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    I neeeeeeed that serum. And hopefully, one day the Snow White brightening mask will be sold on it’s own so I can alternate it with the Deepsea Hydrating Mask!

  • FabZilla_Kath

    I enjoyed this set, esp the mask and serum!

  • I am utterly obsessed with this brand right now. I also wanted to be a Dermatologist at one point, until I realized all the yucky I would have to do or see (blood) lol… I am totally in love with the Snow White Mask, and am praying i dont use it all. lol… great post. xxo

  • I am dying to try the serum! I want my own custom serum.

  • Justina

    I really loved these products!

  • That serum sounds amazing!

  • I want to try the snow white mask.

  • TinaBowling

    I LOVE when you get that blown away right off the bat with a brand. It’s so rare these days!

  • erikatheicyone

    That mask sounds incredible.

  • cindyprimebeauty

    The mask sounds great!

  • MyBeautyJunction

    I love the look of that serum. Those multicolour beads are so cool!

  • I tried some serums in Glossybox and I loveddddd them!

  • This looks like such a luxurious skincare line. And that mask sounds like it could seriously work some magic.

  • marciaf

    Great ingredients in the line. I love a good serum and make sure I wear one every day now.

  • I love a little pampering myself, and these sound pretty sweet! Serums are my skin’s best friend.

  • I’m glad you liked the line. I’m still pretty leery about the skin care from Japan as my skin is very sensitive.

  • I have been hearing such great things about this skin care line and that serum looks and sounds fantastic. Definitely on my list of things I want to try.

  • I LOVE their serums especially! & masks!

  • Norah Salazar

    Skincare is a must for the makeup to glow! I like the sound of the serum 🙂

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