Raspberry Mint Spritzer
Posted on February 22, 2015

MINTA Soda: Raspberry Mint Spritzer

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I’m gearing up to watch the Oscars tonight, if you caught yesterday’s post I mentioned one of the snacks I’ll have on hand. If you missed that post about the white chocolate M&M bark you can read it here. What is a watch party without cocktails right, ummm they go hand in hand in my book.

Raspberry Mint Spritzer

I gave up cut back on drinking soda a while ago, but I found that I kept going back to it sometimes when making cocktails. I suppose once in a while is far better then everyday, but I still wanted a traditional soda alternative.  MINTA naturally flavored mint sodas give all of the fizzy goodness of a traditional soda but none of the bad stuff.  MINTA naturally flavored sodas are great for a refreshing treat or the perfect cocktail mixer. The strawberry flavor is my favorite to drink on its own. The lemon and mint  add a nice flavor when I want to add a hint of bubbly to an alcoholic beverage.


The inspiration behind MINTA was the popular European combination of sparkling water mixed with mint syrup. MINTA developed three Made-In-The-USA flavors; MINTA original, MINTA Lemon, and MINTA Strawberry. MINTA is made with a mint blend, fruit juice, carbonation and pure cane sugar.

I was looking for a simple adult beverage to have on hand tonight. Raspberries are my absolute favorite, and with some raspberry vodka on hand and some fresh raspberries in the fridge,  ladies we have a cocktail in the making.

Here is quick cocktail you can whip up that is easily adjusted for different flavors.

Raspberry Mint Spritzer


Have you tried any soda alternatives?

For more about MINTA Soda;


*I was provided with samples of the product featured for editorial consideration, all opinions are my own.

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