Posted on November 4, 2014

SeabuckWonders Facial Cleanser & Cream

Press Sample

I am without a doubt a skin care addict. I have been this way ever since I can remember but I have become even more obsessed since I crossed the 30 bridge. Perhaps it’s my irrational fear of getting wrinkles, I know that chances are I will eventually get some but I want to hold them off as long as possible. Even before the opportunities afforded to me through blogging I was always one to constantly try new skin care products, with that being said anything I replace when finished is a sure winner. I first tested two skin care products from SeabuckWonders in the summer of this year. I finished the cleanser a long time ago but I am just now finishing up the moisturizer and plan on replacing. 

SeabuckWonders Facial Cleanser and Facial Cream

I used both the Exfoliating Facial Cleanser and the Facial Cream from SeabuckWonders. Two main things immediately got my attention, the first being both products are infused with Omega 3, 6, 7, & 9 and both are rich in antioxidants. I have heard about the Sea Buckthorn Berry but have never tried it before, let alone in a beauty product.I love eating fruit, and if the Sea Buckthorn Berry taste anything close to how these prodcuts smell then pass some right over here. I had to refrain from licking my hand each time I washed my face, the citrus scent of the cleanser was refreshing. 

Sea Buckthorn Exfoliating Facial Cleanser
Enhances skin tine & texture
Exfoliates & detoxifies
SeabuckWonders Facial Cleanser
If you wear a lot of makeup I would recommend using something to remove it first before going in with the cleanser. The cleanser did remove makeup but I found I had to use to much of it, and I don’t like to waste the good stuff. I rather remove makeup with a remover wipe or oil first then cleanse. The exfoliating beads are gently enough for everyday use but help to buff away and dirt, grime or dead skin that may be on your face. If you have areas of congested skin like I do this cleanser really helped keep my pores from clogging up in areas where I typically would get oily. 

Sea Buckthorn Facial Cream
Moisturizes & Rejuvenates
Supports Skin Cell Functions 
Protects against visible signs of UV-induced stress
Enhances skin tone & texture
SeabuckWonders Facial Cream

The Sea Buckthorn Facial Cream I absolutely loved, it didn’t take much to cover my face and I felt like it left me with a nice healthy glow. The moisturizer absorbs well and completely, this will not leave your face slick or sticky. 

SeabuckWonders products are;
Made with certified organic Sea Buckthorn – Vegan –  Non-GMO – Paraben-free – Leaping Bunny Cruelty free – Dairy-free – Wheat-free and Gluten-free – Naturally scented with essential orange oil – Suitable for all skin types

There are a few other products from SeabuckWonders that I want to try also , mainly the Deep Hydrayting Facial Serum and the Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil. Have you heard of Sea Buckthorn before? Is there anything from SeabuckWonders you would try? 

           Sea Buckthorn Facial Cream $19.97 1 fl oz 

*I was provided with a sample of the products mentioned for editorial consideration, all opinions are my own. 

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