Posted on July 14, 2014

Skindinavia Makeup Primer Spray Review

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Temperatures have been in the mid 90’s here for the past week and normally that would mean bad news for my makeup by mid day. The new silicone free makeup primer spray from Skindinavia has kept my makeup from sliding off my face by lunchtime. 
Summerproof your makeup with the Skindinavia Makeup Primer Spray
I have used makeup setting sprays before, but never something like this meant to be used BEFORE applying makeup. This innovative vitamin based primer spray helps to keep skin smooth, reduces redness, reduces appearance of pore size and keeps makeup from settling onto fine line. There are two versions of this primer; regular and oil control. This spray is very unique, I’m used to applying cream type primers to my skin, so using a spray mist was different. This primer is weightless, it feels like nothing at all, yet sets the stage for a nice makeup application. 
How to apply: 
Shake well 
Spray 2-4 times in an “X” and “T” formation
Skindinavia Makeup Primer Spray
I held the bottle about 2-3 inches away from my face, the mist is very fine and dries quickly, so there is no real waiting time before applying makeup. You can also mist directly onto your foundation brush, sponge and other tools to apply. The mist has no noticeable scent and is not sticky. This is primer spray is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive. I have been keeping my day to day makeup very simple with either no eyeshadow or a quick swipe of one color. This primer mist helps keep my lids from getting oily and any shadow from creasing. 
Thoughts: For someone like me with very oily skin this primer spray has been my saving grace. I used to scale back on the amount of makeup I wore in the summer because by noon it would literally be sliding off my face, NOT CUTE.  Over powdering even with blotting first would sometimes leave my makeup looking cakey. This primer spray has helped keep my makeup fresh all day, I am in LOVE.  I was pleased with both versions though I think I slightly preferred the oil control version. With the regular version most days I was able to get around 7 hrs wear before needing to blot a little oil coming through. The oil control version easily took me through the end of my day, not needing to blot unless I was out in the sun and starting to sweat a bit. 
Availability:  4oz $35 or 8oz $49 purchase at
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  • Never heard of this kind of makeup primer, but it definitely sounds like something I would love to try.

  • Never heard of this kind of makeup primer, but it definitely sounds like something I would love to try.

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