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Tatcha Indigo Collection

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Hey Beauties! I have another amazing collection from TATCHA to show you today. Anyone who suffers with any skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis, dry skin, or heck really anyone who just wants soft, smooth, silky skin is going to love this.  My skin (other than my face) is on the dry side so keeping it moisturized is always an issue. I am always trying out different lotions, one think I hate is having to reapply lotion throughout the day. I have found that body butters with their thicker formulation tend to do better with my skin. If you are new to my blog check out one of my first posts about TATCHA (here) to learn more about the brand.

The TATCHA Indigo Collection

TATCHA Indigo Collection

Indigo rich in color is known for its soothing an restorative powers. The color often referred to as “Samurai Blue” when during the Edo Period, Japan’s noble Samurai wore a layer of indigo-dyed cotton under their armor to help heal injuries.

Benefits: Rich in anti-inflammatory Indigo and moisturizing liquid silk. 
Ideal For: Any skin type, especially sensitive, inflamed or irritated skin consistent with symptoms of dermatitis, eczema and rosacea.

Soothing Silk Body Butter $48 for 200ml/6.7 fl oz


Thoughts: How do I love thee, let me count the ways. The first time I used this body butter my skin said yes, yes, yes we like this. I am super picky about lotions, mu skin is dry, sometimes a bit itchy and easily irritated. This Indigo body butter applied just like that, BUTTER BABY. Absorbed amazingly well and left my skin soft, silky and hydrated for the entire day. My pockets are not going to be as happy with my new found love, but the good thing is a little really does go a long way. This is a rich butter you only need a little bit so the jar will last longer than you think at first glance. 

Soothing Renewal Treatment $98 for 15ml/.05 fl oz  
Tatcha Soothing Renewal Treatment
Thoughts: A little pot of magic to sooth your especially troublesome areas. I like to use this on my chest and the elbows. My chest gets especially irritated from perfume and I have a little spot of eczema on my elbows. Yes, no matter how much I know this I continue to spray my perfume in the same spot everyday knowing it will irritated my skin. In the evening after my shower I run a tiny bit of the renewal treatment into the area and over time that spot has become less irritated, is no longer red, or itchy. This soothing cream would be great on spots where you may suffer with an extreme dry or troublesome patch of skin. This soothing cream can be used on the face, I use a little over my brows after getting them threaded. I always ask that the threading lady not massage any lotion into my skin after threading, I tend to get irritated and break out from it. Instead when I get home I wipe the area with witch hazel then apply a little of the Tatcha soothing renewal treatment.

Soothing Silk Hand Cream $38 for 60ml/2 fl. oz

Tatcha Soothing Silk Hand Cream

Thoughts: If you want hand soft as a baby’s bum stop what you are doing and order this now. A lot of good hand creams have downsides,  some either leave a sticky feeling or a greasy feeling. Not this one though, absorbs completely leaving nothing but moisturized hands of silk behind. The fragrance is light and clean. The quality is on par with Tatcha’s skin care; luxurious.

All three products are non-irritating, non-sensitizing, dermatologist tested and formulated without mineral oil, synthetic colors, synthetic fragrances, sulfate detergents, parabens, phthalates, urea, PEG’s, PPG’s, DEA or TEA.

Availability: , & select Barneys New York locations.

*I was provided with samples of the products featured for an honest review, all opinions are my own. 

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  • All three of these products sound simply amazing!

  • That sounds amazing!! I love the color of it too – is that strange!? 😛

  • These all sound great! Of course the price tag ain´t that great 😛

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