Posted on June 8, 2014

Nutrilux vitamin bubbles

Hair/ Nails/ Skin
Press Sample

Like many things, I have an obsession with supplements. I am always reading up on vitamins and wanting to try new things. As I get older I am more in tune with these things. Being that I often forget to take my vitamins the packaging of the nutriluxintrigued me. The slim tubes were easy for me to carry with me so I could take my vitamins anywhere and not have a huge bottle in my purse.  Anyone else hate swallowing big pills? When I first saw the nutrilux I thought ohhh a soft vitamin that I can chew.  The burst of  fruit juice is a a nice bonus, yup I can dig it.

vitamins re-imagined 
Nutrilux Glow Vitamin Bubbles (skin + hair + nails acai blueberry)

The nutrilux come as edible soft gels rounds that hold a liquid core of vitamins,  allowing nutrients to be absorbed 60-70% more effectively than traditional pill vitamin forms.  The nutrilux vitamin bubbles come in five variety’s based on need. 
Drive – energy + recovery  (raspberry mint) 
Balance- woman’s multi  (mandarin) 
Fight – immunity (lemon citrus) 
Glow – skin + hair + nails (acai blueberry) 
Core – mens multi (ripened grape) 
I sampled the nutrilux Glow Vitamin Bubbles . I don’t think I took it long enough to report back on results just yet. (They can take up to two months to see results).

*Renewing Collagen Formation
Combination of vitamin C, biotin and omega-6 fatty acid in grape seed oil support the renewing formation of skin, hair and nails. Advanced Type 1 collagen provides the building blocks for growth and repair.
*Tighter Brighter Skin
Evening primrose oil and horsetail grass extract contain linoleic acid and other herbal essences that reduce swelling and give an even skin tone. Together with grape seed oil they give your skin a tighter, brighter look.
*Free Radical Protection
This formula features advanced antioxidants found in vitamin E and horsetail grass extract to reduce damage to your skin, hair and nails from environmental harms such as UV damage and polluted air as well as free radicals generated from metabolism.
*Luscious Hair
This advanced formula features a sophisticated blend of inositol, biotin and omega-6 fatty acids that act to reduce the hair-thinning hormones while promoting healthy and luscious looking hair naturally.

I can say packaging and formula were winners in my book. My only critique so far is that I wish each formula could be available in a variety of flavors. The Glow (skin+hair+nails) only comes in the acai blueberry and while I like blueberries, I don’t personally care for the taste of the acai. 

Each tube of nutrilux vitamin bubbles comes with 10 bubbles (3 day supply) and retails for about $4.99. 

You can find out more about nutrilux at the following;

*description from 
**I received a sample of the product featured for an honest review, all opinions are my own. 

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