Posted on March 23, 2014

kushyfoot Fold Up Ballet Flats To Go

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Back when I was a bit younger and several pounds lighter, I would dance the nights away with my friends in clubs all over Manhattan.  I can still remember our feet aching as we walked back to the car or subway stations. With each agonizing step wishing we could somehow brought a change of shoes. How I wish the kushyfoot roll up flats were available back then. These chic comfortable flats that roll up to easily stash in my purse would have been heaven sent to me back then. 

 kushyfoot ballet leopard fold up flats

Sad to say my club days are over, but my love for high heels remains. There is something about a sky high stiletto that adds that extra bit of flair to any outfit. My feet however are starting to wish I would give them a rest. During the workday when my feet have had enough, I can slip on the kushyfoot ballet flats and still look cute. 
kushyfoot ballet leopard fold up flats
The kushyfoot ballet flats are available in a range of trendy styles, texture, patterns and colors. They even have a sandal version. If you have ever stopped in for an unplanned pedicure you know how handy those could be.  Raise your hand if you have ever left the nail salon in those flimsy rubber pedicure flops when you didn’t have sandals on. 
kushyfoot ballet leopard fold up flats
kushyfoot leopard flats to go 
All the kushyfoot ballet flat styles feature a massaging sole for relaxing comfort. In a pinch you could wear these outside, but they are better suited for inside. The fold up flat and stash easily into even a small purse. 
At a retail price on $9.99 these are worth picking up a few pairs and having some on hand for those times your feet need a rest. I’m already thinking a need a pair to have on hand for traveling; I hate taking my shoes off in the airport and putting my bare feet on hotel room carpet. 
kushyfoot offerings range well beyond the fold and go flats, they also offer a variety of innovative socks, foot covers, and tights. 
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*I was provided with a sample of the products mentioned for my honest review, all opinions are my own. 

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  • these are brilliant. after spending hours in heels at work or any other event these would def come in handy.

  • these are brilliant. after spending hours in heels at work or any other event these would def come in handy.

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