Posted on January 24, 2014

♥ BioELIXIA Valentine’s Day Contest ♥

BioELIXIA/ Giveaway/ Valentine's Day
Ladies, we are less than a month away from Valentine’s Day, have you started hinting to your love about gifts yet? I tried dropping a few suggestions myself, crossing fingers he was listening, lol. 

One of the most romantic holidays of the year can either show the thoughtfulness of our significant others and inspire some heartfelt gifts like a getaway, a night on the town or even an engagement.  But we also know even with the best of intentions the men sometimes get it wrong and we end up with an appliance, or something we will never use. 
If any of these gifts sound familiar, BioElixia wants to hear about it! To enter, comment on this Facebook post sharing your most cherished, unforgettable, or just plain STRANGE Valentine’s Day gift to win a 6 Month Supply of BioElixia’s latest BodyShaper offerings!

Can’t wait to read your stories, good luck. 

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