Posted on December 31, 2013

Ageless Derma Clay Masque

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Do you have any skin care rituals? I’m all about taking time out to pamper myself, and you can add skin care to the list of things I’m obsessed with. For at least the past 10 + years I have dedicated Sunday nights to beauty pampering. It differs every week, some weeks being more intense than others depending on time but every Sunday night I do some sort of beauty extra. One of the things I may do during Sunday night beauty is a face masque. Lately I have been using this special clay masque from Ageless Derma. I have oily, acne prone skin so clay masque help to to control the oil. 
Ageless Derma is a company with a line of physician grade skincare products that promotes overall skin health. 
I have been using this clay masque for a few months now. This masque has no real fragrance and smells sort of like natural clay.

This masque is a little on the thin side so apply with caution , it has a watery consistency that can be somewhat messy to apply.

I try to shake the tub up a bit and squeeze some onto a fan brush and apply that way, it’s not necessary you can use your hands but I just prefer to use the brush. The color is a bit on the baby poo side, but I stay in the bathroom with it on so it’s not a big deal to me. No one else ever sees it.

The masque doesn’t take very long to dry, it gets tight but not uncomfortable. Once it’s dry and been on for about 10-15 minutes I rinse it off with lukewarm water and a use a soft washcloth to make sure I get it all.

Side note, I use baby washcloths on my face. I like that they are very gentle but have the two sides. One side being mildly textured and the other being very soft.

Overall I am very pleased with the results I get. I use this masque on average once every two weeks when my skin is behaving and twice a week if I am having a breakout. I notice when I’m having a breakout it noticeable helps to dry up any pimples after one application and reduces the inflammation. This masque does effectively help control my oily skin without leaving it feeling stripped or dry.

A 2oz tube of the masque retails for $25 a good price as you will get several months of usage from the one one tube. The masque spreads easily so about a quarter size amount is enough to cover your entire face.

For more about this face masque and other products from Agless Derma you can visit their website at

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