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Halloween Makeup Looks plus a $100 Sephora GC Giveaway from

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If you know me, you know I love a deal. Whenever I think about shopping my second thought usually is how can I save some money on this purchase. is one of those sites I head right to. I often print grocery coupons from the site, but did you know they also list store coupon codes. 

A few bloggers and I collaborated with to show you how to get a great deal on some items we then used to create looks that would work for Halloween. I have to admit the coupon and shopping part was easy for me, the makeup look not so much.  I was given $50 to shop for supplies from e.l.f. Whoo I was super excited about this since e.l.f not only has lots of very affordable cosmetics, but combined with some codes from I knew I would make out like a bandit. So off to browse the site I went. 

Here is a picture of all the goodies I was able to snag. With the additional deal codes from I was able to get $70 worth of e.l.f products for $50.00 It was hard to get it all in one picture but there was about 22 items. AWESOME RIGHT! 
Now the hard part creating a makeup look that would work for Halloween. I needed something easy, and also wanted to use makeup that I could use again. Ahhhh animal print is easy enough right. So I went with a Cheetah pattern look with a slight twist. Instead of the typical cheetah colors I went with a blue pattern. I’m not big on Halloween or dressing up, but hey who doesn’t want to get into the spirit just a little, makes answering the door to hand out candy a bit more fun. 

I only used a few items to create this look. 

  1. e.l.f mineral eyeshdow primer 
  2. e.l.f jumbo eyeshadow stick in like a boss 
  3. e.l.f baked eyeshadow palette 
  4. el.f black pencil liner 
  5. e.l.f essential blending and smudging brushes 

I started with a basic smoked out eye, heavy on the liner and some mascara. 
Creating the pattern is easy, three quick steps;
  1. Start with large dots;
  2. Make a c shape on alternating side of the dots. Switch it up make some on the right/left and some on the top/bottom;
  3. Go back and add a little bit more of your color to the dot so the circles are a bit irregular. 

Once I had the pattern on both side of my face I filled in my nose and lips a little bit with the black liner and added some whisker type lines around the mouth. I went back around the chin and added small dots using the black liner. A few more varying dots around my face using the black liner and the blue shadow stick and done, this was the result.  Not the best, but not horrible for my first try, right? Stop laughing 🙂 Snapping some pics of my errrrr creation I tried to make a growl face, didn’t work out to well. I think I like to smile more than scowl, but hey it’s all in fun. Okay you can laugh now, you are laughing with me, not at me right?  

So now that you have seen what I was able to create with my e.l.f. deal I hope you remember to stop there before you do any online shopping and check out the deals. To sweeten your shopping experience is sponsoring a giveaway so one of you can win a $100 e-gift card to Sephora to assist with your deal hunting. 

Check out the rafflecopter below to enter and visit the other blogs to see the looks they created. 

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  • FabZilla_Kath

    yay for elf makeups! I love the whole “roar” vibe!!!!

  • FabZilla_Kath

    yay for elf makeups! I love the whole “roar” vibe!!!!

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