Posted on September 25, 2013

Soflajo A Snake On the Hand is Worth Two On the Toes Halloween Collection

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The latest collection of indie nail polish from maker SoflaJo is out just in time for Halloween. I always look forward to Jody’s Halloween Collections especially for the creative names. The A Snake On the Hand is Worth Two On the Toes Collection contains five nail polish colors. There is a little something for everyone in this collection. I was very impressed with the cream in the collection, although described as dark blood red it wore to me as a bit more of a dark red with orange brown tones. The color reminded me of the leaves changing the seasons transition from late fall to early winter, this was my favorite from the collection. Application was good with all five nail polish colors, no drag and they dried relatively fast.

Anaconda: Duo-chrome that shifts from a deep green to purple in a light holographic base.

duo-chrome nail polish

Diamond Back: Gold Flaky can be worn alone or layered as a topcoat. (shown as one coat over one coat of a black cream.)

gold flaky nail polish

Jugular Vein: A slightly shimmered deep blood red.

red cream nail polish

Blue Racer: Duo-chrome that shifts from a deep blue/black to pink/purple.

Black Mamba: A black jelly with green holographic and green hex glitter. 

black jelly nails polish green glitter nail polish

A Snake On the Hand is Worth Two On the Toes Halloween Collection is available for purchase now at Polishes retail for $10 with flat rate U.S. Shipping of $2 and $10 flat rate International. 

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*Items featured in this post were provided for my honest review, all opinions are my own.

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