Posted on April 16, 2013

Spring Style Campaign for Pickie

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I am a shopaholic so I was pretty excited about this opportunity to bring you some items for the Spring Style Campaign with Pickie.  

Pickie an application designed for the iPad, is a personalized shopping magazine. In the Catalogs category Pickie is a top 25 app and one of the ’10 Essential apps’ selected by Apple. This innovative app allows users to shop based of brands they love and suggestions from brands, friends, bloggers and other style influencers.

Everything featured in Pickie is a buyable product. Utilizing the “heart” feature, and you can save things to buy later, new magazine content and products are published daily.

I would love for you to check out my feature and see what I choose as spring must haves. Click here to view the details of my picks on the web, you can find and download the pickle app for iPad in the iTunes app store. 

Spring Style Makeover

What do you think of my picks, what are some of your Spring must haves? 

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