Posted on April 30, 2013

Lush Haul

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Last week I posted on Instagram that I ran into Lush to grab a few things during a spring shopping spree. So here is a quick rundown on what I picked up this time.

Can I just tell you how amazing this bag smells. When I came home I just sat the bag on my dresser and every time I walk into the room I am greeted with this amazing tropical aroma. I actually forgot about this for a few days and thought the boyfriend had plugged in a new air freshener. 

So scrubs, bath bombs oh my. 
Lush Bath Bombs

  • The Green Bath bomb is Avobath($6.35)a lemongrass scented with olive oil and avocado. 
  • The Orange Bath bomb is The Enchanter($6.25): the most amazing citrus scent is radiating from this one, can’t wait to use it. 
  • The Purple Bath bomb is Space Girl ($5.25) hence the shape of the planet Saturn features blackcurrant fragrance and grapefruit oil
  • The funky looking green bar is Green Fun($6.95), this has a lemon lime scent and is multipurpose. Great for the kids this bar will last a long time, you can break pieces off and use as soap, crumble in the bath water or let the kids play with it in the water like playdoh. 
  • I love a good skin exfoliator so I had to pick up some Ocean Salt ($31.95) , I use this on my face but it can be used as general body scrub also. Great for those with combination-oily skin and acne sufferers. 
  • The one thing in this haul that wasn’t for me I picked up Rub Rub Rub ($21.95) for my boyfriend. A nice refreshing clean tropical scent that this is a shower gel meets body scrub. 
  • I also grabbed a sample of Angels In Bare Skin. I have used Dark Angels by Lush in the past and felt it was a tad bit to abrasive for me. One of the things I like about Lush is you can sample a lot of the products in store and they will even send you home with some samples if you want to try before you buy. A lot of their items are a tad bit pricey to take a change and hate something so if there is a store near you don’t be afraid to ask for a sample. 

Lush Ocean Salt Rub Rub Rub , Skin, Cleanser, Skin scrub

The Ocean Salt is on the left and the Rub Rub Rub on the right in case anyone is curious how similar these are they aren’t.  The Rub Rub Rub is less abrasive and contains cleansing properties with added moisturizer  If you are looking for something for the shower as a 2 in 1 go with rub rub rub. And as you can see I think he likes it, he started using it before I could photograph it, brand new it was filled to the top. 

Have you used any products from Lush before? If so what are your favorites?

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  • yum yum yum!! love Ocean Salt & bath bombs – Great haul!

  • Lush products are the only beauty items you see in my bathroom 🙂

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