Posted on March 8, 2013

Nail Art with Rhinestone from Born Pretty

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Hey dolls, I am giving some nail art another try and this go around I am trying out some Rhinestones from Born Pretty Store the one stop shop for all your nail art supplies. 

Born Pretty Store is a great source for all your nail art needs. They have a wide variety of items at very affordable prices. 

The Rhinestone Nail Art Set comes with 12 different colored rhinestones in a clear topped round case separated by color. This is easy to store and keeps all the colored rhinestones contained. The Rhinestones have a nice gloss finish and are flat on the opposite side. They were very easy to apply. I used the back of an orange wood stick dipped in water to pick up the rhinestones one by one and placed them on my semi-wet nails. Because the rhinestones were raised to create depth and texture I top-coated my polish before applying them.  

nail art rhinestones born pretty store

To create this look I painted my nails using Fade into Hue and Life is Rosy two colors from the China Glaze Avant Gardens collection. I made white strips using a nail art brush and white nail polish then placed the purple rhinestones.  

This 12 color rhinestone set retails for $3.33, a great price and there are a large number of rhinestones in each  color. Removal was very simple I soaked my nails in olive oil and used an orange wood stick to push the rhinestones off.  I thought have a raised texture on my nails would be annoying but surprisingly it wasn’t the rhinestones were smooth on top so they didn’t catch or snag on anything. 

Visit Born Pretty Store to purchase and to browse more nail art and beauty supplies and accessories. Remember Beyond Beauty Lounge readers can receive 10% off all orders using coupon code XXL91. 

*Items featured in this post were provided to me for an honest review,all opinions are my own. 

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