Posted on February 5, 2013

DIY Nail Polish Desk/Table with Michael’s Melmer

DIY/ Micheal's/ Storage

If you follow my Facebook and Instgram accounts a few weeks ago I posted about some “Melmers” or 3 drawer storage cubes from Michael’s Craft Store. These are fairly well known amongst nail polish collectors as an inexpensive way to store growing collections.

Back in December these were 50% with a $5.00 coupon so I picked up four of them.  I have a fairly nice makeup station set up and was doing my nails at that vanity but was eager to find another table just for nails so I wouldn’t have to keep moving makeup stuff out of the way when I did my nails. This beceome more important the day I accidentally knocked over an open bottle of acetone on my NYX Butt Naked Palette and it melted the finish off.  🙁

While I was at Michael’s picking up the Melmer’s I noticed they had these tabletops also in the craft section. All craft storage was 50% off so I picked one up.  I don’t really store all my nail polish in the Melmer. I use them more for temporary storage of collections waiting to be swatched and nail supplies. If you decide to use them for polish storage they hold a fairly large amount of polish. One Melmer can accommodate approximately 300 bottles of most mainstream brands such as Zoya, OPI, China Glaze etc.

So to make a the desk all you need is four Melmers, the Tabletop and a drill. The Melmers are pretty easy to put together I did 4 of them about an hour, a drill is not required for this stage but it will definitely go faster if you have one. For the second part attaching the tabletop you will need a drill and another set of hands. The Melmer’s have pre-drilled holes on top to allow them to be stacked easily but they do not come with holes pre-drilled on the sides. The tabletop comes with two pieces (you only need one to make the desk) and all the screws and fasteners you need.  I had to get my boyfriend to do this part for me. He drilled holes in the sides of the top two Melmers and attached the top and TA-DA  now we have the perfect little nail polish desk.

What I Paid: Melmer’s $69.80
                     Tabletop: $17.95

Cost without discounts: $195.86

Michael’s has craft storage items on sale pretty frequently so I would wait and buy these during a sale.  This week there is a 40% off coupon. It is usually one coupon per transaction so take someone with you or split your purchases up. And remember if you go to Michael’s to get these they are not actually called Melmer’s that’s just the name of them in the nail polish world, they are 3 drawer storage cubes and are usually found in the scrapbooking storage section of the store. Micheal’s is the more talked about store that carries them but Hobby Lobby has them also.

Melmer Michaels Craft Storage 3 drawer

Michaels melmers 3 drawer craft storage

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  • This looks awesome!

  • okay I’m so doing this!!! Michael’s is in trouble when I get there lol thank for the great ideas

  • SOOOOO cute! I seriously am in love with this idea and I’m fighting the urge to go to Michael’s and pick up two more so I can do this! Great post Mercedes!

  • This is awesome! I am eventually going to need to do something like this.

  • When we get our own house (as opposed to continuing to live in an apartment), I’m demanding a polish area like this.

  • When I finally get a job I’m definitely doing this. I don’t have enough polish to fit more than one melmer (what I already have), but I still would love this. Maybe I’ll just buy one more melmer and a tabletop and make one for me to sit on the floor at.

  • I won, and verified on G&G facebook that it was me (entry 496), yet I never received an email from anyone.

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