Posted on December 10, 2012

Winks by Georgie Lashes

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So I sometimes like the look of false eyelashes but often have trouble applying them and since most times I don’t put them on correctly they feel heavy and weird on my eye like they are falling off. Sometimes if they don’t fall off half way into the night I end up pulling them off.  So I was eager to try these reusable lashes Winks by Georgie.

Winksby Georgie Beauty Lashes

 Here are some of the key features of these eco-luxe lashes & adhesive :

  • Handmade
  • Weightlessly voluminous
  • Easy to apply,
  • Store in a the included compact
  • Each pair of lashes can be worn multiple times
  • The adhesive is dermatologist-tested
  • PETA- and vegan-certified
  • Botanically- infused with USDA-certified organic blue chamomile to soothe delicate skin while maximizing adhesion 
  • Free of Formaldehyde/Formalin Toxic,Parabens,Phthalates, Synthetic fragrance and Ureas 

Application was quick and simple. The lashes have a very light feel to them and blended well with my natural lashes. I did apply one light coat of mascara to my lashes before applying the winks. Once I had the winks in place I curled my lashes and was good to go.

Removing the lashes was easy also they came right off, I peeled away and left over glue and placed them back in the case.

The Winks by Georgie lashes come in 10 varieties, so there is something to fit every look.From everyday natural to showstopping dramatic they have one to fir your needs. 

The lashes retail for $28.00 which may sound high at first but when you factor in that you can wear these several times with proper care it balances out to about the same as what you would pay for regular one time use lashes. 

*the product mentioned was provided to me for an honest review, all opinions are my own.

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  • You can wear regular drugstore lashes around 10 times. What is it about these that makes them so much easier to apply than regular ones?

    • Hi Angela, they applied about the same as regular lashes but I felt like they were a much lighter feel than the drugstore ones. I should have probably done a closeup picture of them the material appeared much more natural to me than a regular lash some of the drugstore lashes I have tried before had a bit of a plastic look to them. These blended better in my opinion. They are definitely a little pricer but they held up better for me than the ones I have tried in the past.

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  • Hmmmm…interesting. based on your review, it looks like a great product to try out. I’ll def check on this.

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